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The Challenge:

Silver Moon Press is a growing publisher for the school and library markets. They used Excel to track sales of each title and to generate and print invoices. At the end of each six-month royalty period, they tallied everything up all over again. The process required lots of keystrokes, many steps and, frankly, a high risk of human error.

The Solution:

David Katz, company founder, was ready for a new royalty software package, but only if inventory and invoicing were seamlessly integrated. Though not an accountant, Katz had come to understand that the royalty process is an accounting exercise with an important potential benefit—managing cash flow. He surveyed the market and found systems that could do what he needed, but only if he implemented an entire publishing package. He would have to pay for features he didn’t need or want, undergo a complex installation process and exceed his budget. The Royalty Tracker® System didn’t do any of those things. It gives him exactly what he needs.

The Results:

“The Royalty Tracker® System eliminated whole functions I personally had to do before,” says Katz. “Our statements are much more accurate. And when there are mistakes, the system flags them. When the data is corrected, it’s automatically integrated into the system.”

“The MetaComet® staff is very responsive. If there’s a problem or an area that needs improvement, they get right on it. I’d recommend The Royalty Tracker® Solution for small and large companies alike.”

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