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MetaComet® Systems’ Revenue Sharing Software

What is revenue sharing software, and how can it help?

MetaComet® Systems’ revenue sharing agreement software solutions can substantially improve the processes of any business with a model that regularly shares revenue with individuals or organizations. Our best-in-class software delivers effortless calculations and efficient payment solutions that make it simple and quick to distribute income.

Ten reasons to partner with MetaComet

Need convincing about the value of our revenue-sharing solutions? Here are just ten of the biggest business benefits they provide.

1. Save time

If you are manually managing revenue-sharing processes, it’s time to let the software take the strain. Administering calculations by hand can require countless hours of frustrating labor, and MetaComet clients tell us that adopting our systems, including our revenue sharing software, can reduce the time they spend on royalties by up to 90%. Even if you have revenue-sharing software in place, you will be pleasantly surprised at the hours that our cutting-edge solutions can save you.

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2. Grow profitability

Cutting the time spent on royalties and revenue sharing agreement software frees teams up to do more profitable and stimulating work. It opens up more planning time to develop future strategies, find new partnerships and grow the bottom line.

3. Consolidate complex data

Managing revenue-sharing software calculations can mean handling multiple files of sales data and adhering to complicated contractual arrangements. Automating the process with MetaComet software does all this hard work for you by consolidating sources and enables you to calculate payments much faster.

4. Achieve accurate payments

By using revenue-sharing software to automate calculations, the risk of error is dramatically reduced. This gives business leaders secure confidence that their payments are accurate every time.

5. Minimize risk

Sharper accuracy in payments means better risk management. Incorrect revenue-sharing software means licensors pay out too much or too little—and both mistakes have major consequences for business relationships. At best, errors reduce a licensee’s confidence, even if they were unintentional, and at worst they can lead to legal action to recover missed revenue.

6. Be on time

Good revenue-sharing practice means being on time as well as accurate. By automating processes with MetaComet Systems, revenue sharing agreement software, businesses can be sure to keep to payment schedules and avoid frustrating delays.

7. Improve relations

Accurate revenue-sharing software processes build the foundations for great business partnerships. They give licensors and licensees the confidence that they are part of a professional and efficient partnership and increase the prospects of working together in the future.

8. Build a strong reputation

Correct and on-time revenue-sharing helps businesses establish a positive reputation in their field. That can soon lead to recommendations from existing licensing partners and the creation of new relationships.

9. Increase transparency and visibility

Manual processes or inefficient systems can make revenue-sharing software opaque and confusing. Automation sets out calculations clearly and transparently, providing licensors and licensees with clarity about payments and equally motivated to achieve growth together. MetaComet’s software also provides much better visibility of sales and trends, helping leaders make better and more informed business decisions.

10. Market-leading support

Adopting new revenue-sharing agreement software systems can be challenging, but our relationship with businesses doesn’t stop with the sale agreement. MetaComet’s expert team ensure smooth and rapid implementation of our solutions, and they are available to provide friendly and efficient support and troubleshooting for revenue sharing software when you need it.

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