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Our Customers Love Us & Our Revenue Sharing Software

Our customers are our number one priority, and we do everything we can to deliver the highest level of support and quality possible. We measure our success by our customers’ feedback. Here are a few things that they have had to say about us.

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“Before MetaComet® Systems, royalty tracking and reporting was a nearly insurmountable challenge. We now have a very smooth process which enables us to meet the needs of our authors, editors, and CFO. MetaComet® Systems is always responsive and can communicate equally well with business people and systems professionals alike. It has been a great investment.”

Carla Quental
VP of Customer Service / Rowman & Littlefield

“Royalty Tracker has allowed for better organization and tracking of royalties for our large volume of titles and authors.  Statements are clear and accurate, which has resulted in an extremely positive response from our authors, agents, and licensors. The reports and tools have made closing and reconciling much easier and clear processes to handle each month.

“David, Khalid, and the entire MetaComet team have been extremely helpful in ensuring that our royalty process continues to run smoothly and helping to find solutions to any issues that may arise. MetaComet has also been very open to hearing ideas and features that further enable us to do more with the system, and continues to make improvements that have been greatly beneficial.”

Jim Bashour
IT Director / Quarto Publishing Group

“MetaComet Systems has been an invaluable partner.  Their expertise and responsive support play a critical role in our content licensing program.”

Elizabeth Gordon
Columbia University

“MetaComet has been great to work with.  I really appreciate their commitment and assistance.”

Gabriela Beres
Business Manager / University of Michigan Press

“Royalty Tracker has made it possible for the first time in my independent press’ 20-year-history for us to process royalty statements hassle-free and error-free. The support team at Royalty Tracker was terrific as we transferred data, customized statements and learned to run the system, and now everything runs pretty much seamlessly.”

Chip Fleischer
Publisher / Steerforth Press

“MetaComet has been great to partner with. We came to them in need of simplifying a complex process. By working with them closely and taking advantage of their expertise we quickly automated our operations and achieved all our objectives. And their ongoing support has been exceptional.”

Simon Cox
Finance Director / Emerald Group Publishing

“MetaComet has streamlined our royalty process and the team is easy to work with, responsive, and always willing to work on changes and enhancements to suit our company’s needs. They’ve been an excellent business partner.”

Cris Brashear
Publisher / Samhain Publishing

“Each quarter a dread used to come over our office—royalty payments caused cold shivers in everyone.  MetaComet and their Royalty Tracker software erased the problems and provided a solution that is easy to use. Their help and customer service has made the fear and dread of royalties a thing of the past.”

Steve Foster
Chief Operating Officer / Outreach Inc.

“MetaComet is doing a great job with our royalties. The staff is extremely responsive and their tools help the whole royalty process run smoothly each cycle. Their detailed and well organized royalty statements show print and e-book editions which is appreciated by our accounting team and our authors.”

Douglas Pfeiffer
Publishing Director / Graphic Arts Books

“We had one person spending all month calculating very complex royalties and generating reports. We then came across MetaComet and their Royalty Tracker System. Aside from knowing that our Royalties are done properly we have cut the time to process down to 2 days! We can’t say enough about David and his team.”

Scott Moss
Vice Chairman / Mill Creek Entertainment

“Accounting for royalties is incredibly important and also incredibly difficult because we have literally tens of thousands of contracts with authors, and each one needs to be tracked in a timely and accurate manner. MetaComet impressed us with their experience and expertise in this critical business function.”

Marc Silverman
Assistant Controller / Harcourt Education

“Our royalty management process went from 40 hours to 4 hours. MetaComet studied our needs and provided us with a great solution. Thank you MetaComet and Royalty Tracker.”

Jill Rosa
VP of Operations / Credo Reference

“I feel like MetaComet has really gone the extra mile to make sure that this was a good experience.”

Bronwen Hruska
Publisher / Soho Press

“The RoyaltyTracker® System eliminated whole functions I personally had to do before. Our statements are much more accurate. And when there are mistakes, the system flags them. When the data is corrected, it’s automatically integrated into the system. The MetaComet® staff is very responsive. If there’s a problem or an area that needs improvement, they get right on it. I’d recommend The Royalty Tracker® Solution for small and large companies alike.”

David Katz
Publisher / Silver Moon Press

“RoyaltyTracker is an essential tool! It freed up at least 80% of our previous time and effort managing our revenue reporting!”

Michael Gaudet
eReads is already a valuable tool for any publisher trying to manage their data and documents in a sensible, organized fashion – and it’s only going to get better from here. We can upload and send out royalty statements and contracts, sure, but moving forward, the ability to pass other documents like manuscripts and notes within a single system is going to completely change how we work, making it easier and more efficient for authors and editors alike. isn’t just about royalty statements – it’s about making publishing more efficient, so we can get back to doing what’s really important: making great books.”

Kate Sullivan
Publisher / Candlemark & Gleam

Since its founding at the dawn of the ebook era in the mid-90’s, eReads has brought many classic and original works to the digital realm. “MetaComet has been with us since the beginning,” says founder and renowned agent Richard Curtis.  “We appreciate their quality of service and their commitment to our needs.”


Richard Curtis
Publisher / eReads

Ken and Khalid have been great working out our problems-big or small. They have been very patient with me! We are very impressed with Royalty Tracker! Thank you!

Stephanie Wright
Contracts and Royalties Manager / NavPress

We are delighted to be using Metacomet’s Royalty Tracker. The implementation was fairly simple. We tested Royalty Tracker’s accuracy by running our old database for royalty calculations and payments in parallel with the new one. Royalty Tracker turned out to be more accurate than our old database, as we found that some royalties were not calculating correctly in the old one. Royalty Tracker makes it easy to track and calculate royalties associated with very complicated contract terms. This was a great relief to us, because some of the more complicated royalties had to be tracked manually in our old system.

Emily Riley
CFO & Associate Exec. Director / American Mathematical Society

“After twenty years in the publishing business and then launching Familius I knew I wanted a no-nonsense royalty system that provided easy-to-read and accurate statements with a click of a button. Metacomet delivered and has made royalty work almost completely automated. What used to take days now takes a few hours and with Metacomet’s scale-ability, we can take this work to minutes. Yes!

 And behind Metacomet’s tech there are some tremendous people. David and Khalid and team are top notch and just plain cool, always willing to help, listen, and explore the ideas of their publishers. We are not clients, we are partners. Kudos to the Metacomet team for being an awesome group of people willing to help solve a publisher’s needs.”

Christopher Robbins
Founder & President / Familius

“MetaComet, through its Royalty Tracker software, has enabled NavPress to establish quality control on a very crucial publishing matter: contracts and royalty payments. Our Authors and Agents both, have commented favorably on receiving their documents. And David Marlin, with his supportive staff of Khalid and Ken and others, take customer service to the next level. I cannot commend this very responsive group of people more highly for serving the publishing industry so very well.”

Don Pape
VP Publisher / NavPress

“Metacomet has been an incredibly useful partner in making my life as a publisher easier and by increasing the efficiency and accuracy of my work has made me a better partner for my authors. Their dedication to excellence is evident in every interaction I have with the company and its people.”

David Wilk
Publisher / Easton Studio Press

“The Metacomet team worked with us to migrate from a well-known and more expensive system to Royalty Tracker. Our monthly royalty calculations are complex and voluminous. The team worked tirelessly to ingest our data, implement our business rules and validate the accuracy of the calculations and statements. Royalty Tracker has reduced our processing time, our cost and is more accurate. I have never seen such dedication and service from any of the many IT providers I have worked with over the years.”

Mark Chiarelli
CTO / GameHouse

“I have always been impressed by your customer service – you are always very happy to help and if I send an email with a problem … you always promptly respond and usually sort the problem out within a few hours. Even if the issue is more complicated and takes longer to fix your staff have been happy to phone me, at what is a very early time for them, in order to get the problem resolved, so I am more than happy with your customer service.”

Wendy Grant

“It’s been a very smooth transition moving over to MetaComet and you can set thresholds in Royalty Tracker that we couldn’t do in our old system. The new statements are easy to read for the author.”


Amy Wilson
Publisher / Trafalgar Square Books

As one of the first independent publishers, RosettaBooks is a longtime MetaComet satisfied client. MetaComet’s Royalty Tracker successfully managed a portfolio of 1,000 titles with dozens of revenue sources for quarterly accountings, with prompt and reliable service.

Arthur Klebanoff
Founding Publisher

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