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Royalty Management
Made Easy

We offer easy-to-use revenue sharing software that cuts royalty management time by 90%, eliminates mistakes due to manual processing, and makes auditing a breeze.

Cut Royalty Control Time by 90%

Quickly calculate royalty payments and send professional statements to your recipients with the push of a button.

Eliminate Mistakes and Reduce Anxiety

Once you’ve automated your royalty administration with our software, your stress, anxiety, and dread will disappear.

Easily Access Whatever Data You Need

Quickly find, view, and export data such as product level accruals, net payables, unearned advances, and more.

Choose the Industry Leader in Royalty Management Software

MetaComet launched its cutting-edge royalty management software in 1999 and every year since has invested heavily in refining its features, improving its ease of use, and enhancing its security.

Our current solution is recognized by many of the largest publishers, video game distributors, and entertainment companies as the gold standard for royalty control.

Quote Testimonial

“Royalty Tracker has made it possible for the first time in my independent press’ 20-year-history for us to process royalty statements hassle-free and error-free. The support team at Royalty Tracker was terrific as we transferred data, customized statements and learned to run the Revenue Sharing Software, and now everything runs pretty much seamlessly.”

— Chip Fleischer, Publisher / Steerforth Press

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