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Implementation Is a Breeze with MetaGoLive®

Royalty Reporting Software Experience a proprietary implementation process that has been perfected over the course of 20 years to make getting started with MetaComet’s® solutions for royalty management industries smooth, fast, and stress free.

David Marlin MetaComet
My name is David Marlin, and I am the founder and CEO of MetaComet.

Let me tell you a quick story.

Since we launched in 1999 we’ve been fortunate to have worked with well over 200 companies.

Although some of our clients have huge, complex operations spanning tens of thousands of titles, others are much smaller.

After the first few years of operations, something interesting happened.

I noticed that EVERY customer, regardless of size, complexity, or industry, needed to go through the same four steps to transition from a manual royalty process or to migrate from another software system.

It was that insight that gave birth to our proprietary implementation process called MetaGoLive®.

Like our software, we’ve refined this process over the past 22+ years.

Bottom line? Unlike most software companies, MetaGoLive® makes getting up and running on our system as smooth, quick, and easy as possible. No matter how you currently process royalties or how complex your operations are, we’ll hold your hand every step of the way.

Below you’ll find a bit more detail about the implementation process we’re proud to provide to our amazing customers.

The MetaGoLive® Implementation Process

MetaGoLive - The Royalty Management Implementation Process

Ready to Make Royalty Management Easy?

Quote Testimonial
“The Metacomet team worked with us to migrate from a well-known and more expensive system to Royalty Tracker. Our monthly royalty calculations are complex and voluminous. The team worked tirelessly to ingest our data, implement our business rules and validate the accuracy of the calculations and statements. Royalty Tracker has reduced our processing time, our cost and is more accurate. I have never seen such dedication and service from any of the many IT providers I have worked with over the years.”

Mark Chiarelli, CTO / GameHouse

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