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Get Royalty Tracker®
Stop Stressing

Our flagship platform is far and away the easiest and most powerful royalty management system on the market. Literally just push one button and Royalty Tracker will handle everything automatically.

Send Out Royalty Statements
with the Push of One Button

Royalty Statements - Royalty Tracker®

Set up your contract terms, enter the personal information for each royalty recipient, upload your sales data, and then push literally, one button and Royalty Tracker will handle everything automatically.

When you push the “magic button” our system will…

  • Calculate all royalty payouts.
  • Generate professional royalty statements.
  • Send the statement to each recipient.

It’s that easy. Once you see the system in action your anxiety will dissolve, and you’ll never dread royalty management again.

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Convert Complexity into Simplicity

Royalty Tracker’s® sophisticated logic takes the most complex royalty processing situations and instantly turns them into a simple, easy to use results.

Our royalty management system can…

  • Handle an unlimited number of different contracts.
  • Easily calculate royalties, no matter how complex your contract terms.
  • Handle even the most sophisticated rules, including cross collateralization, kit explosion, minimum guarantees, etc.
  • Aggregate sales data no matter how many sources and formats you have.

There is almost nothing you can throw at Royalty Tracker® that it has not already been designed to handle. If you think you have a unique situation that will trip up our software, we invite you to schedule a demo and let us show how it will work.

Royalty Management System - Royalty Tracker®
Access the Data - Royalty Tracker®

Access the Data You Need with Optimized Reports

Royalty Tracker® has been refined and improved for over 22 years. As part of that conscientious improvement process, we’ve taken customer feedback on hundreds of reporting and data needs and used it to build the most intuitive, flexible, and useful reporting you can imagine.  In fact, you can get almost everything you need in just 3 reports:

  1. The Sales Reconciliation Report allows you to instantly see every sales transaction and royalty calculation by product, recipient, title and filter the data as you see fit.
  2. Similarly, the Adjustments Reconciliation Report allows you to view any adjustments you’ve made during any time period you like.
  3. The Statement Balances Report rolls up everything from the other two reports for easy management, accounting, and accrual reporting.

When you see these reports during a live demo, you’ll be amazed at the simplicity and power you’ll have at your fingertips. Plus, you can sleep easy since we’re SOC 2 Type II Certified for maximum data protection.

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Quote Testimonial

“Each quarter a dread used to come over our office—royalty payments caused cold shivers in everyone. MetaComet and their Royalty Tracker software erased the problems and provided a solution that is easy to use. Their help and customer service has made the fear and dread of royalties a thing of the past.”

— Steve Foster, Chief Operating Officer / Outreach Inc.