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A Company You Can Rely On for Superior Service

Our software is not only powerful and easy to use, it’s also state of the art and provides your organization with the highest level of security available, making it a perfect match for royalty management industries.

A Letter from Our Founder

Dear Prospective Client,

My name is David Marlin and I founded MetaComet in 1999. When we decided to create this website my copywriter asked me an important question. While the question was deep and thought provoking my answer came instantly.

He asked, “Besides making money, why are you in business? What is the emotional story behind what you do and why you do it?

Without skipping a beat I said, “MetaComet exists because of my passion for building software that makes people’s lives better. Royalty management was the first problem I noticed and decided to tackle. Our purpose is to build really quality products that we can be proud of because they solve painful problems and help people run their businesses more effectively.”

By building and refining our suite of software solutions we’ve accomplished my original goal. Hundreds of people and businesses have been positively impacted by the efficiency and stress relief our software provides. And, our reason for existence, passion for building elegant software that solves painful problems, has never waivered. Each year we make substantial investments to improve the features and functionality of our solutions based on feedback from your peers. Also, we invest heavily in the people that provide truly exceptional customer service and support.

In the end, we’ve built something more important than software. We’ve built a happy family of customers and a workplace that allows people to follow their individual passions.

I hope you’ll join us.


David Marlin

Important Facts about Our Company

When shopping for software, your first priority is to make sure the solution you are considering has the key features and functionality you need. Once you’ve checked that box, your next priority is probably to make sure the company behind that software is strong and reliable. Well, we are. Here are a few facts and figures about MetaComet that should set your mind at ease.

  • Founded in 1999, we have over 22 years of proven success and stability.
    We’re based in South Hadley, Massachusetts.
  • Our Royalty Tracker software was completely redesigned in 2021–2022 using the latest technologies.
  • Our software is built and maintained by our in-house team based primarily in the United States, Canada, and Brazil.
  • We are SOC 2 Type II security certified, so your data is super safe.
  • We have close to 200 recurring customers.
  • Many of our key team members have been with MetaComet for over 10 years.

If you have further questions…

Call +1 (413) 356-5989

Quote Testimonial
“After twenty years in the publishing business and then launching Familius I knew I wanted a no-nonsense royalty system that provided easy-to-read and accurate statements with a click of a button. Metacomet delivered and has made royalty work almost completely automated. What used to take days now takes a few hours and with Metacomet’s scale-ability, we can take this work to minutes. Yes!

And behind Metacomet’s tech there are some tremendous people. David and Khalid and team are top notch and just plain cool, always willing to help, listen, and explore the ideas of their publishers. We are not clients, we are partners. Kudos to the Metacomet team for being an awesome group of people willing to help solve a publisher’s needs.”

— Christopher Robbins, Founder & President / Familius