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MetaComet Systems: Making Royalty Management Better Since 1999

MetaComet Systems is the world’s most trusted name in royalty management for companies. We pioneer automated solutions that make it easy and fast for businesses to calculate and distribute their royalties.


Our business grew out of the need to reduce the burden of manual royalty management in publishing. Companies were frustrated by the time they spent on royalties, anxious about the accuracy and timeliness of their statements, and worried they weren’t satisfying their content creators. They were pouring valuable resources into royalties that should have been used to improve their publishing and grow their business.

MetaComet was founded in 1999 to revolutionize royalties through automation. More than two decades on, we remain steered by our founder and President, technologist and publishing expert David Marlin, and continue to strive for the highest levels of efficiency.

We now serve many different industries and more than 140 companies of all sizes and types trust us to make royalties effortless. We back up our solutions with exceptional customer care and the highest standards of data security.

Our solutions help companies to:

  • Save as much as 90% of the time they spend on manual royalty management
  • Achieve accurate royalty calculations that reduce the risk of over or underpayment
  • Distribute payments on time, every time
  • Obtain detailed sales insights for better business planning
  • Reduce environmental impacts by cutting paper, mailing and energy consumption
  • Maintain great relations with content creators.



Whether you are new to the idea of doing business with a royalty management company or looking for ways to make your processes better, we’d love to tell you more.

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