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Different Industries—One Powerful Solution

One of the reasons our industries-specific royalty software, including royalty portal accounting, is so well regarded is that we’ve laser focused on solving an extremely specific revenue sharing problem for over 22 years. Nobody gets your world like MetaComet.

The Secret of Our Success

If you hurt your knee skiing, would you rather go to a general practitioner or a surgeon who specializes in knee surgery?

Specialization breeds unique expertise that leads to better, more valuable solutions. Although excellent customer service and other factors also contribute to it, specialization is at the very core of our success.

MetaComet was born out of a flash of insight. In 1999 our founder, David Marlin, noticed that traditional publishing houses struggled mightily when it came time to calculate and distribute royalties to their authors. David used his background in software development to build the first platform in the world specifically designed to tackle royalty management. That system is our flagship product, Royalty Tracker®.

MetaComet has continued to refine our feature set, enhance performance, and beef up security for more than 22 years. Along the way the company has added additional solutions like Sales Aggregator and Royalty Portal. But one thing has never changed: our laser focus on providing the very best royalty management software available.

Not only have we focused on royalty management as a company, but our software is so easy to use and powerful because it’s not a Swiss army knife. Royalty management is not something we bolted on as an afterthought. While it integrates with many other systems, royalty management and sales automation software are the singular focus of our software.

Because of our focus and unique history as a pioneer, it is not a stretch for us to say that we have more expertise in this specific area and offer software that helps companies manage royalties more efficiently, accurately, and securely than anyone else on the planet.

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A Second Insight

As the publishing industry evolved to include digital and audio books, so too did our software. Word spread about the power of Royalty Tracker, and we began getting calls from industries beyond book publishing. As we learned more about the video game, entertainment, and consumer product licensing industries, we realized that although they had their quirks and differences, at the core, they all shared the exact same challenges when it came to calculating and managing royalty payments. It turned out Royalty Tracker was a perfect fit in these adjacent industries.

We’ve helped companies in the following industries leverage the power of our specialized software.

Entertainment and Videos

Don’t See Your Industry?

Industry aside, if you need to calculate and distribute revenue based on sales data, our software is likely a fit. Rather than guess, let’s talk about your specific situation.

Quote Testimonial
“We had one person spending all month calculating very complex royalties and generating reports. We then came across MetaComet and their Royalty Tracker System. Aside from knowing that our Royalties are done properly we have cut the time to process down to 2 days! We can’t say enough about David and his team.”
— Scott Moss, Vice Chairman / Mill Creek Entertainment