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Consumer Product Licensing

Are you licensing content for use in your products and finding the royalty process painful and overwhelming? If you’re licensing brands and characters from third parties and facing time-consuming royalty management, significant risk, and overwhelming stress, MetaComet® has the ultimate solution for you!

Consumer product licensing offers compelling advantages for businesses seeking market expansion, prodcut extension, revenue optimization, and marketing reach. However, managing royalties and licensing agreements can be a daunting task, especially when dealing with multiple licensees and intricate contracts. MetaComet understands these challenges specific to consumer product licensing, and we have tailored our comprehensive suite of services to address your pain points effectively. 

 Streamlined Royalty Management: Unlock Efficiency and Transparency 

 Paying royalties doesn’t have to be a complicated and time-consuming process. MetaComet’s advanced royalty management software streamlines the entire procedure, automating sales tracking, royalty calculations, and generating accurate reports. No more manual headaches or delays – with our system, you can efficiently manage royalties, maintain transparency, and make data-driven decisions. Building strong relationships with your licensees has never been easier! 

Simply set up your agreements, load your sales, and Royalty Tracker® does the rest, automatically generating royalty statements and reports to share with your licensors.

 Negotiate Contracts that Work for You 

Crafting well-structured licensing agreements with your licensors is vital to protecting your interests and minimizing potential risks. MetaComet’s Royalty Tracker can handle the most complex and nuanced contracts, enabling you to create creative deals without adding to your back office workload.  Whether rates are dependent on channel, dates, volumes, minimum guarantees, specific products, markets, or other complexities, Royalty Tracker can handle your needs and automate the payout process.  

Enhance Your Licensor Relationships 

Your relationship with your licensors are critical to your business.  Give them the confidence they need to trust your operations by providing them with detailed royalty reports.  Give them the convenience they want by enabling them to access their reports online through a portal.  Eliminate the tensions that arise when audits are requested.  With Royalty Tracker, a few simple reports can give you and your partners the information they need quickly and reliably to validate your results. 

Powerful Reporting to Help Better Run Your Business 

Over the years we at MetaComet have learned that licensees all need pretty much the same information to better run their businesses:  royalty accruals by product, net payables by licensor at any given point, unearned advances and minimum guarantees, and more.  Our powerful, simple reporting puts all this information at your fingertips. 

At some point, you’ll also need to audit your results.  Whether to gain trust in the process, or because it’s required by your licensors, being able to quickly and easily confirm the accuracy of your results is critical.  It turns out that virtually all audits can be performed with just 3 simple reports.  With MetaComet®’s Royalty Tracker these are available with the push of a button. 

MetaComet: Your Trusted Licensing Partner 

At MetaComet, we specialize in consumer product licensing and offer a comprehensive suite of tools to support your licensing initiatives. Our expertise in royalty management ensures a seamless licensing journey for your business.

Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, MetaComet is committed to helping you navigate the licensing landscape with confidence. Say goodbye to the pains of royalty management and embrace a transformative journey of consumer product licensing success. 

Unlock the Full Potential of Consumer Product Licensing with MetaComet Today! 

Don’t let the complexity of royalties hold you back from realizing your business’s full potential through consumer product licensing. Trust MetaComet to be your solution and make the most of your licensing endeavors. 

Contact us today to embark on a transformative journey of licensing success.. Let MetaComet’s expertise in royalty management, contract administration, and intellectual property rights enforcement propel your business to new heights in the world of consumer product licensing! 

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