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Use Royalty Portal for Seamless Communication

Royalty Portal Accounting and royalty management industries deliver “concierge”-level service that will maintain excellent relationships with your authors, artists, licensors, and other recipients while eliminating most customer support calls.

Build Better Relationships with
Your Contributors

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Royalty Portal allows your team to take the relationships you have with your authors, artists, and other contributors to the next level.

With Royalty Portal you can…

  • Share all current and prior royalty statements.
  • Deliver royalty statements and other documents electronically.
  • Royalty portal accounting and royalty reporting software share all transaction details.

The statements and reports sent to your contributors are professionally designed to make you look great and get critical information delivered quickly.

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Reduce Customer Support Calls

Royalty Portal allows your contributors to access nearly any information they might need by logging in to a professionally designed online experience.

When they log in, contributors can…

  • View current and past royalty statements.
  • Store their key documents in a secure location.
  • Get online access to the information they want 24-7.

When you deploy Royalty Porta Accounting alongside royalty payment software, you’ll not only be investing in your most important relationships, but there will be far fewer reasons for a contributor to call you, which dramatically cuts down customer support time.

Reduce Customer Support Calls - Royalty Portal
Grow Revenue - Royalty Portal

Retain and Grow Your Revenue

If your royalty management process is manual, messy, or excessively time consuming, it’s not only stressful, but it can also slow your organization’s growth.

Our royalty management software helps you eliminate relationship killers like…

  • Late payments.
  • Calculation mistakes.
  • Difficulty digging up past data or key documents.

Savvy business owners who rely on licensing intellectual property know that being able to track and pay their contributors quickly and accurately is absolutely critical to their business’s long-term success.

In fact, many of our more experienced clients purchase MetaComet’s royalty management software as one of their very first steps when launching a new intellectual property-based company.

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Quote Testimonial

“Royalty Portal is a valuable tool for any publisher trying to manage their data and documents in a sensible, organized fashion. We can upload and send out royalty statements and contracts, sure, but the ability to pass other documents like manuscripts and notes within a single system is has completely changed how we work, making it easier and more efficient for authors and editors alike. Royalty Portal isn’t just about royalty statements – it’s about making publishing more efficient, so we can get back to doing what’s really important: making great books.”

Kate Sullivan, Publisher / Candlemark & Gleam