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MetaComet:  Book Publishing Royalties Made Easy 

MetaComet is your partner in streamlining the management of your book publishing royalty structure. Our specialized software is designed to automate your royalty processes, making them more efficient and error-free. 

Simplify Royalty Management  

Managing royalty contracts, calculations, and payments in book publishing can be complex, especially with numerous authors, contributors, and varying contract terms to oversee. MetaComet’s book publishing royalty software simplifies this complexity, allowing you to focus on what you do best – publishing and selling exceptional books.

Efficiency at Its Core 

Our software has been meticulously designed, based on over 20 years of feedback, for maximum efficiency in managing your royalty management process. By automating various aspects of royalty calculations and revenue distribution, MetaComet reduces the risk of errors and accelerates the payment process. This means authors and contributors receive royalties promptly, fostering satisfaction and profitable relationships.

concept of e-learning technology, graphic of realistic computer notebook with book's pages as screenTransparency and Accuracy 

In book publishing, transparency and accuracy are non-negotiable. MetaComet’s software ensures that every aspect of your royalty payment process is clear and precise. Access comprehensive reports and analytics to gain insights into your royalty ecosystem, empowering you to confidently make informed decisions and communicate transparently with your authors.

Tailored to Your Needs 

While generic royalty management solutions exist, MetaComet’s software is tailored specifically to meet the unique needs of book publishers. With over 20 years of experience and some of the largest and most well-respected publishers in the industry as long-time customers, we understand, better than anyone, the intricacies of the publishing industry. From advances and print runs to e-books and audiobooks, we’ve seen it all and our software can easily handle any complexities and nuances in your contract terms.

Maintain Your Competitive Edge 

In the competitive world of publishing, staying ahead is essential. Our software provides real-time data and insights into your royalty structure, allowing you to remain agile and responsive to market changes. You can adapt your strategies to maintain your competitive edge by staying informed with a suite of reports designed with the publisher in mind. We know what data you need to see and have made it available with the push of a button.

Piles of books and magazines on background of book shelf, with lens flareInspired by Industry Leaders 

Industry leaders and innovators inspire our approach to book publishing royalty structure management. We incorporate best practices and insights from top companies to create a software solution that sets new industry standards.

Your Dedicated Partner 

MetaComet isn’t just a software provider; we’re your dedicated partner in success. Our US and Canadian based customer support team is committed to assisting you in getting the most out of our software, ensuring that your royalty process operates seamlessly whether you pay royalties monthly, quarterly, or yearly.

Experience the Future of Book Publishing Royalty Management 

Join the ranks of successful publishers who trust MetaComet for their royalty automation needs. With our book publishing royalty software, you’ll simplify operations, improve accuracy, and keep your authors and contributors satisfied. Take the next step toward a more efficient and prosperous future in book publishing with MetaComet. Request a demo now.

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