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Nav Press Case Study: Royalty Automation = Competitive Advantage

Good royalty management makes publishers leaner, faster and safer. Here’s how MetaComet® Systems’ solutions sharpened one top publisher’s practices

For some publishers, royalty management can be a chore—a process that soaks up time and frustrates publishers and authors alike. But royalty automation and software solutions from MetaComet® Systems have transformed it into a far simpler, speedier and more precise process.

Royalty Management Automation

Among the publishers enjoying the royalty revolution is Colorado-based NavPress. Across the accounting, calculating and paying stages, MetaComet’s Royalty Tracker has helped this leading Christian publisher to optimize its processes and satisfy its authors. 

The NavPress team adopted Royalty Tracker when they decided its previous royalty management system was no longer fit for the scale and ambitions of the business. “The system we had was home made and dependent on one programmer, who lived offsite and was our only source for changes and reports,” remembers royalties and financial coordinator Stephanie Wright. Casting around for solutions, NavPress found MetaComet through the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association, and valued the endorsements that its networks provided. 

Since its implementation, Royalty Tracker has supported NavPress strategically and tactically. These are just six of the major advantages that MetaComet’s royalty software has delivered.

1. Time savings

MetaComet’s royalty automation solutions have drastically reduced the time and resources that NavPress spends on royalty administration. A process that once took six weeks has been slashed to just two weeks—a huge saving that releases the team from the labor and aggravations of manual management and frees them to focus on other aspects of operations.

2. Financial security

With accurate and auditable calculation of royalties and payments, businesses like NavPress can mitigate risk. “Accurate royalty information keeps us financially stable and a trusted publishing company,” says Wright.

3. Better author relations

Presenting accurate, timely and easily understandable royalty reports means NavPress keeps its authors happy, further motivating them to deliver the best content and promotion they can. 

4. A competitive advantage

Good royalty practices have helped NavPress build a reputation as a professional and reliable company for authors to work with. In a very competitive market, that can give it an edge over other publishers in the field. “[Good royalty practice] is particularly important when we work with authors that have royalty management from other publishing houses. We need to be competitive,” says Wright.

5. Easy access

Some royalty software packages tie publishers to the office or a single platform, but MetaComet’s cloud-based solutions can be retrieved from places that suit users. “We get easy access to the system anywhere,” says Wright.

6. Reliable support

Installing royalty management systems properly is only part of the solution for publishers; great follow-up care is vital too. MetaComet works as a true partner to its users, providing friendly on-call support and rapid answers to any queries or hitches. “MetaComet’s support team has been amazing,” says Wright. “They’re very responsive and quick to find solutions to problems.”


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