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Improving Royalty Management: Glimpse of What’s to Come in Royalty Tracker This Fall (2015)

You may have read about all the productivity enhancing features that we have added this year.  Rest assured that we are not resting on our laurels!  We are deep into development of our newest versions of Royalty Tracker. Below is a glimpse of enhancements coming in the next four months.

Next Release:
Preprocessor Enhancements

Customers needing to manipulate their sales data prior to calculating royalties typically use our Sales Preprocessor. One of the challenges with the pre-processor was managing exceptions (line-items that can’t be processed). If a problem was found, the file had to be fixed before any new sales could be processed.

With this enhancement, all the valid sales will be processed and you will have a chance to modify the exceptions. This will save time and make the process simpler.

Subrights Enhancements:
On the Subrights tab of Royalty Tracker you will notice a new Project Info button (Image 1). This is going to make it easier to track and follow up on prospective rights deals. It will also help you manage the status of your deals including translation deliverables, license status, various project due dates, and much more. (Image 2)

Image 1

Image 2

Upcoming Releases
Royalty Splits:

With this new feature you will now be able to set a single royalty rate to be shared amongst multiple authors, allocating the share to each author. This previously existed for advances, and we are adding it to royalty terms as well. This will save time and improve readability of many statements.
Improved Searching:
You will now have more places to search, and more extensive search criteria.

Next Year:
We have lots a great ideas, but need your feedback too. Please let us know how we can make you more productive.

Coming Soon!
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Thank you to all of our customers for the great feedback – please keep it coming!

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