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Announcing the MetaVerse™ Platform: The Most Powerful Intellectual Property Management Tools

Introducing MetaComet® Systems’ MetaVerse™ platform – the most advanced set of tools for managing intellectual property.

Since its inception in 2000, MetaComet® Systems has rolled out many of the most useful, cutting edge tools available to licensees and licensors of intellectual property.  These include our popular Royalty Tracker system, the most powerful and easy-to-use royalty management system available which saves companies days or weeks of effort and mitigates risk.

Our AuthorPortal.com platform provides the most advanced commercially available author/publisher/agent collaboration tool, allowing publishers to have a central repository for contracts, royalty statements, manuscripts, artwork and other files which can all be shared with their authors and agents.

Our Rights Management system enables companies to easily license and track the use of content by third parties.

Finally, our Sales Aggregator (soon to be PublisherSales.net) saves companies hours or days of effort by automating the aggregation of sales data, performing currency conversion and providing integration with other systems.

As you may know, MetaComet has been redesigning all of the above tools from scratch using the latest internet technologies and cutting edge engineering designs to continue to provide the most powerful intellectual property tools available.

The current best thinking among large-scale software engineers is that “Hexagonal Architecture” is the most reliable, robust and scalable technique to develop products.  A system built using Hexagonal (also called “Ports and Adapters”) consists of multiple apps that while tightly integrated, have minimal “coupling”.  This means that they each exist independently, with their own set of data and rules.  Each Hexagon owns a business “context” – a discreet function that makes sense to isolate.  For one of the most well known examples of this technique, take a look at Amazon.com.  Go to Amazon and then hit the refresh button.  Notice how different parts of the page load at different times.  Each section is actually represented by its own app.  The home page is pulling data from each app as needed.  When a user logs on, each app knows the most appropriate content for each Amazon business context:  deals, ads, media, etc.

For many technical reasons, this Hexagonal approach is much simpler and robust than one giant monolithic system.  The most obvious example is in the event of downtime.  If one app goes down, the others will still function.  But this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of benefits.

MetaComet’s new platform contains (so far) 12 individual apps which come together in different ways to provide exactly the feature sets that you need.  This is the MetaComet Universe of tools:  The MetaVerse™ platform.

The first MetaVerse tool released to production was AuthorPortal.com, followed by an early version of PublisherSales.net.  We are actively bringing all of our other tools to the MetaVerse.  Stay tuned!

As always, if you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us at [email protected], or 413 536-5989 x2.



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