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Royalty Tracker: Summary of New Features Launched in 2015

Thanks to all of our great customer feedback, we have implemented several new features this year in Royalty Tracker. These new changes provide our customers with unparalleled efficiency and cost-savings.

The following is a summary of our favorites. If you are not yet taking advantage of these, please give us a call so we can help you understand them, or check out Royalty Tracker’s user guide:

1. New Reports:
    a. Author Addresses
While a version of this information was available previously, we made it much easier to find and use. Pull up a quick list of all your authors.
    b. Titles and ISBNs
You have been asking us for a quick report of all the Titles and ISBNs in the system, and now you have it. Again, you may have been using other reports to get access to this information in the past, but now you have easy access to this quick and simple report.
    c. Contract Terms
You can now generate a report of all the contracts in Royalty Tracker and their associated terms.
    d. Life To Date Sales by Author
You can now generate a report of all of the Life To Date Sales by Author.

2. Clear the latest batch of checks
Upon review of final statements, it is not uncommon for publishers to find issues that need to be addressed, from missing advances to missing sales files. Once in a while, these issues are caught at the very last minute – even after checks have been printed. Now, if issues are found after the checks are printed, you can back out the latest check run as long as none of them have been issued. In those rare but critical circumstances, this feature could be a lifesaver.

3. ‘Clear Royalties’ for a Period
Similarly, every once in a while, you need to reverse the royalty calculations on an open statement for an individual royalty recipient. In the past, this required you to change one of the contract terms (which automatically results in a full recalculation of royalties). Now you can simply hit a button to reverse an author’s royalty calculations for the current open period.

4. Variable Royalty Statements.
Sometimes you need different royalty statements for different authors or imprints. For example, when licensing characters from Disney, they require royalty reports in a very specific format. HIT Entertainment requires a very different format. Or perhaps you have different authors that respond better to some information than others. Now each imprint within Royalty Tracker can generate a different royalty statement for those recipients.

5. Modified the Effective Dating Form
Now you can calculate future end dates based on the current end date instead of forcing end dates to be the last day of each month.

6. Manual Entry of Life-to-Date Sales
When you acquire a title from an existing publisher, or find a title that may have been missed, you often need to set the initial Life To Date sales units and dollars sold. This both enables the escalators to kick-in appropriately and also impacts the LTD section of the statement. In the past, users had to call MetaComet Support to do this. This new feature allows users to perform this entry themselves.

7. Moving ISBNs with Life-to-Date Data
Related to the item above, if a title has Life-To-Date data, Royalty Tracker would not let you move it to a new title or delete it altogether. Sometimes, however, you find an ISBN had been associated with the wrong title or an ISBN that needs to be deleted. This new feature makes this possible without contacting MetaComet support.

8. Additional Statement Templates
Royalty Statement templates (aka layouts) provide you with different ways to present royalty information to your authors and licensors. These new statements give you even more options and bring our standard templates count up to about 12.

9. MetaGoLive
MetaGoLive is the proprietary tool set that enables us to implement new customers as fast as we do (by far the fastest in the industry). We first built MetaGoLive around 2008, and it worked so well that little has changed. Since that time though, we have learned even more ways to improve the implementation process. Several new features have been introduced including a simpler initial configuration, support for additional fields, and valuable status reports. Now when you refer a colleague, in addition to getting your free month of service, you can rest assured that their process will be even quicker and more reliable.

10. Bug fixes and Interface Tweaks
Most of the known bugs in the system have been fixed. The biggest area of improvement is in rights management, but you will notice little adjustments and tweaks all over Royalty Tracker. For example, you can now delete Titles that do not have any activity.

We are also deep into development of our newest version. To find out what new features are coming in the next few months check out our article: Glimpse of what’s coming in the next 4 months. https://metacomet.com/glimpse-of-whats-to-come-this-fall-2015/

Please reach out to our support team with any questions you might have. If you have used any of Royalty Tracker’s® new features, please let us know what you think!

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