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The transition to digital methods in publishing in the last couple decades has delivered some amazing efficiencies and improvements – but it has raised a few challenges too. Looming large among these is the issue of security and the need to protect the countless pieces of information that are stored in the systems we now use daily.

It’s a subject that everyone should take seriously because the impacts of bad practice can be catastrophic. Every high-profile data breach we read about reminds us of the disruption to business that it can cause, the money that can be lost and the reputational damage it can inflict. Brands that have suffered security compromises have found that it can take many years to regain their users’ trust.

This is why MetaComet seeks to reach the highest possible standards of security for the data that clients trust us to store. In technical terms that entails the certification of SOC 2 Type II compliance. It’s not a catchy title, but it proves exceptional standards of security, and the MetaComet team have been moving towards this goal for a while. After an audit of our work by Prescient Assurance, a top security and compliance agency for Software as a Service (SAAS) companies around the world, we are proud to announce that we have reached it.

This certification substantiates all our hard work in areas like data encryption and secure lifetime development lifecycle principles. It highlights the complete isolation of customer data within a cutting-edge cloud architecture that is constantly monitored by our team—all of whom are extensively vetted and trained before they access any sensitive information.

Accreditation also reflects the effort we put into our exhaustive testing program. This delivers penetration testing and vulnerability scanning of all the systems we use on a regular basis—not just by in-house staff, but by external experts. This gives us the independent assurance we need that our practices are as good as they can possibly be.

We appreciate that not everyone shares our passion for the intricacies of data security, and that many of the technicalities may not be of interest! But in plain terms, what it all means is that MetaComet clients can be sure that their data is completely secure, and that we have in place the best possible defenses against breaches. SOC 2 Type II standards around security practices, policies and procedures are very stringent, and after the audit we know that accreditation is not given lightly. We hope that our efforts to achieve it show that we recognize the value of security and the need to work ceaselessly on it. We’re always happy to discuss any aspect of that work with anyone who is interested.

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SOC Type II Compliant

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