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Grow Your Rights

Benefits of Rights Management

There are many aspects of rights management operations, all of which are critical for success.  From keeping track of prospects, to finalizing deals, to collecting royalties, to managing expirations, successful rights management requires vigilance and organization.  With an automated tool like Royalty Tracker, you can focus on managing deals and have the confidence of knowing you are getting paid.

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Sales Consolidation

Tracking Prospects

Track your prospects and interested parties.  Followup, gauge interest, compare offers, and finalize deals.  Easily identify stagnant deals.  And all your contacts’ data is at your fingertips.


Finalize agreements and generate your contracts with ease.  We can load your contract language into Royalty Tracker, and have the details of the deal populate the necessary areas to create automated PDF contracts.  Record all the terms, and then followup on the status, ensuring deals proceed from concept to signed agreements.

Getting Paid

Have you ever had to followup with licensees for payment?  Do you even know which of your licensees are past due?  It’s very challenging without Royalty Tracker.  Fortunately, we make it easy.  Run a simple report to track all of your past due royalties, and generate automatic dunning letters for followup.

Expiring Rights

Keeping track of rights pending expirations can be a challenge.  Royalty Tracker eliminates this challenge with quick and easy reports of agreements pending expiration.

Integration with Royalties

Because Royalty Tracker is both a rights management tool AND a royalty management tool, your subrights activity can be automatically converted into royalties to show up on your statements.  And now that you are tracking the details of these deals, you have the option of sharing those details with authors.

And if you are using Royalty Tracker for royalty management, you will likely be storing author contract details in Royalty Tracker.  This in turn allows you to both enforce your licensing rights (by issuing only rights that have valid contract terms) and calculate royalty accruals seamlessly.