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rights news

Copyright News from Google

Google has amended its search results to account for the number of valid copyright removal notices a site has received. In other words, sites that post copyrighted works and are reported to Google...

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Royalty News: The Warhol Foundation

Andy Warhol did not secure licensing rights when he created his iconic Campbell's soup can in 1962 (and his estate certainly didn't gain anything from the recent ten million dollar resale of "Four...

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Doctor Who, Interrupted

Science fiction's largest award event, the Hugos, was streamed live this year. However, those watching on Ustream received a rude interruption: a message reading, "Worldcon banned due to copyright...

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Rights Standards: The Road to Profits

Publishers today face a seldom-discussed digital dilemma that directly impacts their profitability: the lack of standards for communicating rights information about content. What rights are...

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