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Doctor Who, Interrupted

Science fiction's largest award event, the Hugos, was streamed live this year. However, those watching on Ustream received a rude interruption: a message reading, "Worldcon banned due to copyright...

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Licensing 101

For those who are new to rights licensing, we like this video from InLiquid called Licensing 101. The site also has some great basic information about capturing profit from licensing and rights...

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Rights and Royalties in Books

One of the most important and recent issues in the publishing of books is the question of who owns the rights to eBooks, or digital editions of a title that are sold by allowing readers to download...

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Royalty Software

Royalty software solutions The payment of royalties is a significant cost of doing business in many industries. Oil companies do not usually wish to purchase land from which they extract oil, as...

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Royalties Management Software

Managing royalties is an essential task for managers and executives in several industries, including publishing, music recording, mining and manufacturing of patented devices. The royalties must be...

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Royalties Processing Software

Royalties processing software typically has many inputs and outputs, so it must be compatible with many other forms of software. It must also be user friendly so that data can be entered manually...

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