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As education continues to move online, the compensation scheme for instructors and professors moves along with it. It is now easier than ever to allocate revenues directly to professors and their courses, which provides an opportunity for royalty-based payments.

Managing those royalties, though, is a challenge fraught with risk. The opportunities for mistakes is high, and without a state-of-the-art royalty management system like Royalty Tracker, the time it takes can be overwhelming. Royalty Tracker enables you to automate the process and provide financial controls to ensure accurate reporting in a fraction of the time, and with the peace of mind that your process is fully auditable.

A Royalty Tracker-based automated solution enables you to pay both the course content creators and the teachers according to whatever terms you have indicated. It provides you with a central repository for all of your agreements, allowing you quick and easy access to both the documents, and the data within those documents. It provides monthly accruals, and detailed analytical reporting.

Your professors and instructors also benefit by trusting the results, and having easy access to their statements online through our site.

Using, you can also collaborate extensively with your instructors, providing them a centralized portal for all their documents and even their course content.

We recently added a section to our website outlining how we help with Royalty Management for Online Courses. To read more please visit:

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