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Royalty Software Blast From the Past: From the Archives Part I

We recently discovered that we have quietly amassed several dozen articles on our Community section over the years, ranging in subjects from industry news to royalty software system analysis.

In going through them, we found many still relevant – perhaps even more relevant than ever.  Here are a few.

MetaComet Systems Releases Accounting Reports to Improve Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance

Thanks to the Sarbanes-Oxley bill, we had to become compliance specialists in a hurry!  This talks about some of the new features we released to help with this new era of royalty accounting.  In what is a positive development for investors, we find companies paying closer attention to rights and royalty controls than in the pre-SOX days.

MetaComet Systems Completes Taylor & Francis Group Phase I Implementation in Record Time

From our beginnings, we understood the importance of taking all possible friction out of the royalty software implementation process.  We heard of companies spending years implementing new royalty systems.  That just seemed wrong.  So we began addressing the issue with great new tools.  Here is one of our early examples.

It’s a good thing we did this, too, as it has been paying dividends ever since.  We can have companies up and running on our royalty management solutions in weeks.  We prefer about a 6-8 week time frame for most implementations (including data migration and acceptance testing), but we’ve done it in much less!

MetaComet Systems Announces Launch Date for RT Monitor

We have no doubt that the most important aspect to success in the royalty management business is customer service.  Making our customers successful has been a cornerstone of our evolution.  More than just meet expectations, we strive to exceed them.  To that end, in 2005, we launched RT Monitor – an automated system that continuously monitors the health of Royalty Tracker.  As soon as an issue is detected, our support departed is notified electronically and we respond before the customer is even aware of a potential problem (they are usually surprised to get our calls).

Stay tuned for a future version of “From the Archives”.

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