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Rights Management: Making Information Pay 2011 Gets Lots of Press

MetaComet Systems President David Marlin gave a compelling talk on the risks related to rights management at the 2011 BISG Making Information Pay Conference.  Several publications covered the event, including:

Book Business Magazine
“As an overture to the BISG Copyright Clearing House (CCC) project on rights management systems, Mike Shatzkin introduced Heather Reid , CCC Director of Data Systems and Services, David Marlin , President of MetaComet Systems…”

Bookbuilders of Boston
“Increasingly, said David Marlin from MetaComet Systems, rights management (“content curation”) at a granular level is critical to the longevity of a publisher’s brand and its author relations.”

“David Marlin of MetaComet Systems, outlined the likely consequences of all this, surveying the potential and current damage done to a house’s brand, likely legal problems and to profits, “when content is released into the wild and publishers don’t know how to control or manage it.”

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