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Looking Back at 2016 – More Great Royalty Enhancements to Improve Your Productivity

In order to bring you the most effective royalty system available, we are always listening to our customers for enhancement ideas and implementing as many of them as we can. And again in 2016, MetaComet released dozens of improvements to the Royalty Tracker® platform, AuthorPortal.com, the Sales Aggregator, and Rights Tracker.
Rights Management
One of the most substantial areas of improvements was in our Rights Tracker module.  Here’s a summary of the changes:
  • Manage interest with new Rights “projects” – Keep track of all interested parties for any given licensing deal, any options granted, and final agreements signed
  • Ability to better identify appropriate rights buyers.  Track their:
    • Areas of interest
    • Territories and languages they cover
    • Conventions they attend
    • Historical purchase
  • Added a supplemental agreements tab to track key milestones:
    • Contract status
    • Key milestone dates
    • Translation and approval status
    • Much more
As we do every year, we added several new and enhanced reports in 2016.  Some you will notice in the reports area, while others are available upon request. Here are some of the highlights:
  • Financial Reports
    • Improved Advances Recoupment Report
    • Reserve Balances Report
    • Enhancements to the Expenses Details Report
    • Revenues and Royalties
  • Managerial Reports
    • Enhanced Titles and ISBNs
    • Vendors and Payees
    • Detailed Contract Terms
Sales Files
Next, because backing out an imported sales file is a common need, we wanted to make it even simpler. There are a lot of complexities associated with backing out a sales file, particularly once royalties have been calculated. These complexities had put some limitations on when you could back out sales files. We added a few new features to facilitate this process.
  • Royalty Tracker now supports the removal of kits sales files
  • You may now remove revenues that do “not exceed MFG Cost.”
  • You may now remove more than one sales file a time.
Upgraded Servers and Infrastructure

Many of you have commented on Royalty Tracker’s updated look and faster processing. Much of this past year was spent planning for and migrating all of our customers to the most cutting edge servers available. In addition to snappier performance, we ensured that we will be at the leading edge of security and disaster recovery for years to come.


You will also see several improvements to AuthorPortal.com.  Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Ability to brand automated emails
  • Ability to suppress automated emails
  • Ability to view author logins on AuthorPortal.com
  • Removed file size limitations
  • Improved file uploading and monitoring
Sales Aggregator

More and more of our customers are relying on the Sales Aggregator to consolidate their sales.  We made several improvements to better facilitate that:

  • More options for currency conversion
  • Removed file size limitations
  • Removed time-out issues
  • Ability to monitor upload progress
  • More file type options
Fixes and More

A small enhancement but one worth noting:  There had been confusion about when to tell Royalty Tracker that all of your transactions for the period were in the system in order to generate final statements.  To facilitate this, we added a calculator in the Imprint Manager to help determine your close date when you are ready to close your statements for a given period.

Finally, as much as we hate to admit it, all software has bugs. Thanks to your feedback, we identified and fixed several:

  • Corrected how Kit Explosion calculates list price and MFG Cost based on the number of units and components on a kit
  • Sales Import was changed to reject sales with invalid revenue types
  • Corrected issue on Standard Statement template where Prevailing rate was not displayed correctly.
  • Corrected issue with deletion of LTD (life-to-date) royalties on an author’s first statement.

As always, please keep the ideas coming.  And keep your eyes out.  We already have many additional enhancements underway, and more planned for 2017.

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