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Rights Management

Copyright News from Google

Google has amended its search results to account for the number of valid copyright removal notices a site has received. In other words, sites that post copyrighted works and are reported to Google...

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Rights Standards: The Road to Profits

Publishers today face a seldom-discussed digital dilemma that directly impacts their profitability: the lack of standards for communicating rights information about content. What rights are...

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Licensing 101

For those who are new to rights licensing, we like this video from InLiquid called Licensing 101. The site also has some great basic information about capturing profit from licensing and rights...

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Rights and Royalties in Books

One of the most important and recent issues in the publishing of rights and royalties in books is the question of who owns the rights to eBooks, or digital editions of a title that are sold by...

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Royalties Management Software

Managing royalties is an essential task for managers and executives in several industries, including publishing, music recording, mining and manufacturing of patented devices. The royalties must be...

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About Digital Rights Management

What are Digital Rights Management? The Internet and other digital technologies, like MetaComet have made managing the rights to intellectual properties extremely complex, and have even brought...

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Rights Management Use in Music Today

How is Rights Management Used in Music Today? The management of publishing rights has always been complicated in the music industry. Those responsible for making sure that songwriters and recording...

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