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Are you paying too much for too little?

Cost Effective Royalty Management

Many of the other royalty solutions out there have archaic pricing models that date back to the 20th century.  They rely on you paying “Enterprise” prices for software that’s not as easy to use or reliable as Royalty Tracker.  And they are typically loaded with hidden costs.  Don’t overpay – get the most powerful solution available at a price you can afford.

Alternatively, perhaps you have “budget” software that’s hosted locally on a PC, and which invests little in continuous improvement.

See How MetaComet Can Help Your Royalty Management

Paying Too Much?

Dozens of other publishers have switched from pricier or inferior royalty solutions, sometimes saving hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.  We keep a careful eye on our overhead and focus our spending on R&D and our renowned customer support.  And we can do it all while keeping our prices down.

Switching from an Entry Level System?

Many of our customers have outgrown their simple but cheap entry-level solutions.  Royalty Tracker enables you to graduate to a respected, robust solution for an affordable price.  Over the last several years, we have offered new lower pricing for smaller publishers.  MetaComet also makes you much more efficient and mitigates your risk.  The return on investment in free time, author relationships, and business intelligence makes Royalty Tracker a great deal with strong ROI.

No Hidden Costs

The vast majority of our implementations come in under budget.  Where other providers rely on hourly billing and service revenue to support their business, our goal is to bring you independence as soon as possible.   Our pricing is standardized, and our implementation costs are accurate.

Many other providers also charge you for upgrades.  As a subscriber to MetaComet’s services, all upgrades are included in your price.