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Saving time, mitigating risk, and maximizing profitability are core objectives of any businesses.  As a publisher, you also value your author and agent relationships, and you likely want insights into how you are performing. And of course, you value actionable data (should I renew this expiring contract?).

See How MetaComet Can Help Your Royalty Management

Save Time

Royalty Tracker, AuthorPortal.com and Sales Aggregator will save you tremendous effort. Our customers tell us that they save 90% or more over their manual processes. These are resources freed up to help you sell more books.

“Our royalty management process went from 40 hours to 4 hours. MetaComet studied our needs and provided us with a great solution. Thank you MetaComet and Royalty Tracker.”

— Jill Rosa, VP of Operations, Credo Reference

Mitigate Risk

There are many risks associated with royalty management:

  • Legal risks
  • Financial risks (over/under paying)
  • Author relationship risks
  • Audit risks
  • Reputation risks

With Royalty Tracker, you mitigate these risks, and in so doing gain peace of mind and confidence in your business.

Enhance Author Relations

Many publishers tell us that author relations are one of the most important aspects of their business. After nurturing and investing in authors, you want to be their go-to choice for their next book. Give your authors confidence and show them the love:

  • Professional, clear, trustworthy royalty statements
  • Online author statement availability through AuthorPortal.com
  • Promotional tools
  • And many other benefits of AuthorPortal.com
    • Online contract collaboration
    • Manuscript submission
    • Author questionnaires
    • Promotional tools
    • Much more…

Business Intelligence

You have critical business information tied up in your royalty operations:

  • Sales growth and trends
  • Sales by author, format, title and more
  • Royalties by format
  • Royalty expense trends over time

Royalty Tracker provides powerful reports to easily access this data.  And if you want to run your own reports, our Business Intelligence Suite allows you look at any royalty or sales related data in virtually any way that will help you better run and know your business.

Financial Reporting and Accountability

Related to both business intelligence and risks, there is certain royalty related information that you need to manage your financials, taxes and related aspects of your business.  Here are a few of the ways we help:

  • Month End Reports – Royalty Tracker’s highly regarded month-end report provides precise details of your accruals and payables
  • Sales Reconciliation – Easily ensure that all your sales have been properly accounted for
  • Royalty Accruals – Quickly and easily access your royalty accruals
  • Net Payables – Access the total amount you will owe, at any time:  no need to wait till royalty statements are due
  • Much more…

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