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Key Features – Our Publisher Software

Get the Tools You Need For Accurate & Efficient Royalty Automation

Give your organization complete control of managing royalty payments and tracking rights agreements: All while giving you un-matched business intelligence and ease of use.

Our publisher software RoyaltyTracker® gives you the powerful tools you need to simplify and accelerate the process of paying royalties:

  • Handle any contract complexity.
  • Royalty Autmoation: remove the tedious task of recording sales data.
  • Increase efficiency by integrating with other existing systems in your business.
  • Provide online statement access through AuthorPortal.com.
  • Handle digital and eBook royalties with ease.
  • Quickly and easily research any author or title.
  • Simple, intuitive interface.
  • Manage your rights and permissions.
  • Electronic royalty statement delivery
  • Customizable royalty statements.
  • Protect your work and your data against loss.
  • Better understand your business through powerful reports.

Handle Any Contract Complexity

Our pubilsher software was initially designed for use in the world’s largest publishing houses, and can handle virtually any contract complexity including:

  • Unlimited authors/editors/contributors per title.
  • Unlimited royalty calculation rules.
  • Sliding scales (aka tiers, escalators) based on units, dollars, and discounts.
  • Aggregate your escalators.
  • Reset your escalators for any frequency (period, quarterly, annually, or never).
  • Royalties based on net, list, sale price or flat rate.
  • Advances, advance splits and adjustments.
  • Minimum payment thresholds.
  • Any royalty period, including “off cycle” royalties (i.e. Jan. 15 – Jun. 15).
  • Reserves against returns.
  • Splits.
  • Bundling/Kits
  • Full support for digital content.

Royalty Automation: remove the Tedious Task of Recording Sales Data

One of the most time consuming aspects of royalty management is aggregating your sales files, and associating them with the appropriate titles. With RoyaltyTracker®, this problem goes away. Simply upload your files to the RoyaltyTracker® website, and it does the rest.

Our publisher software flags and displays sales errors, and quickly notifies you to make a correction. It can identify a wide range of errors including invalid sales entries, missing contracts, and incorrect ISBNs. Our publisher software then automatically applies the sales correctly, eliminating the need to do any additional work.

Increase Efficiency by Integrating With Other Systems in Your Business

RoyaltyTracker® is designed to integrate with virtually any other system in your organization, and automatically load or transmit information.

Do you use accounting systems to cut your checks? Do you already have a database of your titles and ISBNs? Do you have a record of all of your authors and their addresses? Eliminate the need to enter data twice.

  • Accounts Payable Integration
  • Title Management Integration
  • Fulfillment Integration
  • General Ledger Integration

It can also integrate with virtually any other system in your business, including:

  • NetSuite
  • QuickBooks
  • Great Plains
  • Oracle
  • PeopleSoft
  • JD Edwards

Handle Digital and EBook Royalties with Ease

RoyaltyTracker® enables you to easily handle royalties on your titles whether in traditional formats such as hard cover, paperback, and audio, or in the “new” formats, including eBooks, “chunks,” or snippets.

When it comes to digital content, it keeps you on the cutting edge. MetaComet Systems’ executives serve in key industry positions involved in developing the standards for digital content.

Quickly and Easily Research Any Author or Title

Need to quickly look up an author’s history? Are authors calling with questions about their statements? With RoyaltyTracker’s RT Browser™ System, you can quickly and easily view and analyze all the data in your system.

Simple, Intuitive Interface: Software Made for Publishers

The key to simplifying royalty management is to store your data in a way that makes sense and is easy to access and view. It needs to be logically organized, and easy to navigate.

MetaComet® has spent the last ten years studying our customers’ habits, and continuously improving our interface to maximize its ease of use.

As a result, we can teach you everything that you need to know about RoyaltyTracker® in just a few short hours. There is no need for day-long training classes and massive user manuals (though those are both available, if you’d like).

Additionally, our cutting edge technology enables us to (with your permission) actually watch you work through the web, so we can easily answer your questions and show you the best way to work.

Manage Your Rights and Permissions

Manage your rights more effectively with our publisher software.

  • Track interested parties and finalize deals
  • Exclusive and non-exclusive (i.e. permissions)
  • Manage rights by:
    • Country
    • Type of right
    • Language
    • Frequency of payment
  • Automatically generate rights agreements from the information you enter
  • Ensure receipt of payments:
    • Dunning/chase letter generation
    • Reports of past due receipts
    • Track taxes and commissions
  • Unlimited contract complexity
  • Automatically flow rights income through the royalty system to pay your authors
  • Prevent expiring rights from lapsing
  • Track options
  • Identify licensees for your content

Customizable Royalty Statements

You know the information that your authors want to see. Too much information leads to confusion and questions. Too little information can lead to the same.

Choose which of the many statement layouts you wish to use for author royalties. Some options show detailed ISBN level transactions, some roll it up by source, some show every transaction.

If you would like something more specialized, RoyaltyTracker’s statements are 100% customizable while still allowing you to benefit from royalty automation.

Protect Your Work and Your Data Against Loss

Rest assured that your data is protected at our state-of-the-art data center. Your data is backed up nightly freeing you from the concerns of disaster recovery.

Better Understand Your Business Through Powerful Reports

Gain important insight into your operations and the business through RoyaltyTracker’s royalty automation. Track royalty and rights related financial performance of titles. Generate detailed title by title analysis.

If you want to manipulate the data yourself, most reports generate Microsoft® Excel® files that you can sort and manipulate as needed.

Finally, our Business Intelligence Suite gives you full access to your detailed data, enabling you to run your own reports through any standard reporting or business intelligence package.

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