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MetaComet’s® New AuthorPortal.com Prepares to Push Publishing to New Heights

A collaboration revolution is coming to the publishing world*, and it’s poised to change the way the industry does business.

The Home Page of the AuthorPortal.com Author Portal by MetaComet Systems.

 AuthorPortal.com, the innovative new platform from MetaComet® Systems, is gearing up to improve communications across the industry by facilitating connections between authors, publishers, and agents. The platform has just completed its final “alpha” test phase, and MetaComet Systems will soon begin beta testing with several publishers, including The Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group, Samhain Publishing, and others.

“We’re extremely excited to start the beta testing phase and look forward to seeing all the platform’s functionalities in action,” says David Marlin, president of MetaComet Systems. “We are confident AuthorPortal.com will have a significant impact on how publishers, agents, and authors interact with each other and enable better collaboration. It’s going to greatly improve efficiency and relationships within the industry.”

AuthorPortal.com grants authors easy access to their royalty statements and centralizes their contracts, manuscripts,  and other important documents in one easy-to-navigate interface. There’s no need to worry about losing your work, misplacing contracts, or safely transmitting files. Author Portal stores all this information safely in the cloud and performs regular back-ups and security updates — giving authors and their publishers and agents peace of mind that their documents are safe.

For publishers, the portal eliminates the hassle of printing and mailing statements, and allows them to electronically deliver those and other documents quickly and securely greatly optimizing the royalty management process. Inefficiencies common in document management are eliminated thanks to the platform’s searchable repository of files. No more digging through file cabinets searching for a contract – Author Portal keeps them all within easy reach.

Literary agents will appreciate the ability to seamlessly manage the author-publisher relationship cycle via the Author Portal interface, as well as the ability to access documents from both parties in one central location. Need approval on a contract amendment? Share the file and quickly get the author to sign off on the change. Agents can also provide publishers with immediate access to authors’ work, so they can focus on the deal itself rather than playing messenger.

Author Portal is designed to integrate with MetaComet System’s intuitive, widely-used royalty management solution, RoyaltyTracker. It will also work with other systems on the market that make use of internet communication standards (e.g. Web Services).

“We’ve developed simple interfaces based on widely use web standards, enabling virtually any system to interact ” Marlin says. “The goal is to make this tool accessible to everyone in the publishing field.”

In an industry where forging strong, trusting relationships is paramount, AuthorPortal.com will strengthen the connection between all the pieces in the publishing puzzle. With so much promise, the publishing world eagerly awaits the release of this new game-changing platform.

(*For our many non-publishing clients – stay-tuned!  Other industry specific versions of this collaboration portal will be released soon.)

Be a part of the next big thing in publishing! MetaComet Systems is offering authors, agents, and publishers  a chance to participate in AuthorPortal.com’s second round of beta testing. For more information or to enroll, please call us at 413-536-5989 ext.2, or contact us through our website.

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