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“Deep Dive” Discovery

For more complicated royalty situations, we recommend a formal Discovery process in which we carefully analyze your data, operations, and requirements.  During Discovery, we will:

  • Enter several of your contracts into Royalty Tracker

  • Load sales data for a given period into Royalty Tracker

  • Configure Royalty Tracker to handle your specific rules

  • Compare results to manually generated statements

  • Identify areas where custom scripts and/or royalty rules will be required

  • Identify requirements for royalty statement formatting

  • Analyze current Access DB (and any other sources) to spec out the data migration and provide pricing estimate

Assuming everything worked well with the Discovery we would transition right into the implementation, much of which will already have been completed during the discovery phase.

The cost of the Discovery is $5,000 for up to 40 hours of effort.  The end result will be a final estimate of the work required to get you up and running along with a more precise number for the implementation charges.  If you do a Discovery, we cut the setup cost by 50% since much of the setup work will be performed.

My estimates for your costs are as follows:

  • Discovery – $5,000
  • Setup – $750 (includes 50% Discovery discount)
  • Monthly licensing fee:  $600
  • Quarterly Royalty Processing:  ~$2,500
  • Implementation (Requires Discovery to validate):
    • Data Migration:  $6,500
    • Statement customization:  $3,000 (if necessary)
    • Pre-Processor Configuration:  $3,000