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MetaComet® Sales Aggregator is here to help.

If you are forced to manage multiple sales files in multiple formats, you will know how time-consuming and frustrating it can be. Disparate sources, different IDs, changing layouts and numerous currencies… they all make it hard to achieve the valuable sales insights your business needs.

Our powerful software automates all your file imports, consolidating complex data into a consistent and readable format. It handles tricky tasks like currency conversions and memorizes layouts to make future imports even simpler. The result is a clean and convenient access point for all your crucial sales figures. MetaComet® Sales Aggregator is:

  • Easy… Streamline all your sales from multiple files into a single accessible repository
  • Fast… Replace stressful manual manipulation with rapid automation that gets the job done on time
  • Accurate… Avoid the risk of error from calculations by hand and get your aggregation right every time
  • Cost-effective… Reduce the hours spent on aggregation every month and deploy your resources better
  • Fully integrated… Sales Aggregator slots neatly into Royalty Tracker and other common tools to share sales data with all your internal systems


MetaComet® Sales Aggregator is quick and easy to start using and delivers benefits immediately. Contact us to discover more or to set up a demo.

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“Before MetaComet® Systems, royalty tracking and reporting was a nearly insurmountable challenge. We now have a very smooth process which enables us to meet the needs of our authors, editors, and CFO. MetaComet® Systems is always responsive and can communicate equally well with business people and systems professionals alike. It has been a great investment.”

Carla Quental
VP of Customer Service / Rowman & Littlefield

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