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Royalty Management Software Built to Scale

MetaComet offers the industry-leading Royalty Management Software.

Royalty Tracker is the only dedicated, cloud-based revenue-sharing software that offers you a seamless, secure experience, ensuring that your royalty management process is as straightforward as it is efficient. 

With our comprehensive suite of royalty management software, including Royalty Tracker, Sales Aggregator, and Royalty Portal, we’ve tailored our software to streamline and automate nearly every aspect of royalty management. It’s perfect for a publishing royalty software, online learning organizations, entertainment companies, or any business seeking efficiency, ease, and reliability when it comes to sharing revenue with your contributors.

Royalty Tracker

Royalty Tracker

Enjoy hassle-free royalty management and revenue sharing with our flagship software, Royalty Tracker. Our system transforms complex royalty contracts into straightforward, actionable data. With just a click, calculate payouts, convert currency, generate statements, and deliver them effortlessly to your recipients. Our platform can handle an extensive array of contracts and complex payout terms, providing you with the peace of mind that comes from accuracy and efficiency. Are you ready to ditch the spreadsheets and streamline your royalty management?

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Sales Aggregator

Sales Aggregator is the key to managing diverse sales data from multiple sources. It simplifies the process of consolidating sales files, providing you with a standardized dataset that Royalty Tracker can process with the click of one button. The aggregator ensures that your royalty calculations are based on complete, accurate data, without having to wrestle with unwieldy spreadsheets in different formats. You’ll save a ton of time while maintaining complete control over your sales.

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Royalty Portal

Royalty Portal personalizes the experience for your recipients, offering them transparent and timely access to their statements through a slick, online portal. It’s about more than just calculations; it’s about fostering trust through clarity and customization. With Royalty Portal, we empower you to maintain excellent relationships with your partners, providing a clear view of royalties and sales that’s accessible anytime, anywhere. Also, implementing Royalty Portal can dramatically reduce the number of customer support calls you receive, providing additional efficiency for your business.

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“Each quarter a dread used to come over our office—royalty payments caused cold shivers in everyone. MetaComet and their Royalty Tracker software erased the problems and provided a solution that is easy to use. Their help and customer service has made the fear and dread of royalties a thing of the past.”

— Steve Foster, Chief Operating Officer / Outreach Inc.