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A Sneak Peak of the MetaVerse™ Platform

Introducing MetaComet® Systems’ MetaVerse™ Platform – the most advanced set of tools for managing intellectual property IN THE GALAXY. We are deep into development and hope to have a prototype to demo this summer.

Since its inception in 2000, MetaComet® Systems has committed itself to ensuring our customers are as efficient as possible.  We have rolled out many of the most useful, cutting edge tools available to licensees and licensors of intellectual property. These include our popular Royalty Tracker system, AuthorPortal.com, our Rights Tracker™ system and the Sales Aggregator, all of which save companies days or weeks of effort, mitigate risk, and enhance relationships with licensors (authors, agents, artists, patent holders, etc.).

Sneak Peak of The MetaVerse™ Platform

A Sneak Peak of The MetaVerse™ Platform

In 2013, we launched AuthorPortal.com using the most proven open-source technologies available. Our intent was both to deliver immediate value to  you, our customers, and to develop expertise in these technologies for our eventual Royalty Tracker rebuild.

As our company President, David Marlin, an expert in software architecture, began working on the design for the next generation of Royalty Tracker, he studied many of the engineering principles used by the most successful, scalable platforms, like Amazon and Facebook. He consulted with leading experts in these techniques, which can be classified broadly as “Domain Driven” and “Hexagonal Architecture”.

The resulting design is a universe of 13 MetaComet apps: The MetaVerse. These range from front-end applications such as RoyaltyTracker.com, AuthorPortal.com, and PublisherSales.net, to back-end applications which manage all contracts, accounting, communications, etc.

We hope to have a working prototype this winter (2016/2017). To show you our progress, We’ve released this sneak peak.

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If you have any questions or comments please call Zack Lapponese at +1 (413) 536-5989 x101 or email [email protected].
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