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Reporting and Business Intelligence

Gain Valuable Insight into Your Sales and Royalty Accruals

If you are doing royalties manually, you likely use Excel and perhaps Word to calculate royalties and generate statements. One of the many challenges of this approach is gleaning insight into your data. Do you have dozens of spreadsheets containing all your royalty related data? How do you get that data out?

With Royalty Tracker’s powerful reporting and Business Intelligence tools, you have easy access to your critical business information. See your monthly royalty accruals at a glance. Want to see your unearned advance balances? No problem with Royalty Tracker.

See How MetaComet Can Help Your Royalty Management

Financial Reporting

To run your business well, you need some basic financial data related to royalties. What are your liabilities? How much would you owe if royalties were due today? With Royalty Tracker’s powerful reporting, this information is at your fingertips:

  • Monthly/Quarterly Royalty Accruals
  • Unearned Advances
  • Net Payables
  • Reserve Balances
  • And Much More

Strategic Reporting

Beyond the accounting basics, it helps to have access to management level data to help inform your key business decisions. How are your books selling? What are your royalty costs? Are you overpaying advances? Royalty Tracker is happy to share this valuable management information with a few clicks.

Business Intelligence

While Royalty Tracker provides a powerful array of financial and strategic reports right out of the box, sometimes you would like to customize your own reports. MetaComet is always happy to help you, but if you’d like to generate your own, you’ll want our Business Intelligence Suite.

Our Business Intelligence lets you import virtually all of Royalty Tracker’s data into any standard reporting tool (e.g., Crystal, Business Objects, SQL Server Reporting Services, Tableau, etc.). By following well accepted data standards, most of these tools are smart enough to combine Royalty Tracker’s data with little work from you. You can easily generate virtually any report you could conceive.