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One of our customers, Patagonia, recently gave us a copy of Founder Yvon Chouinard’s Autobiographical Business Book “Let My People Go Surfing.”  We find inspiration from Chouinard’s relentless pursuit of product excellence.  We share his passion for being the best and continuously seeking improvement.

We do this to ensure that you, our customer, operates as efficiently as possible.  We know that you did not become a publisher to manage royalties.  We are here to provide you with more time, stronger author relationships, and better business intelligence so that you can sell more books.

See How MetaComet Can Help Your Royalty Management

Author Portal .com

Give your authors a polished experience with AuthorPortal.com.  Our Author/Publisher collaboration tool, the first of its kind, enables you to share:

  • Contracts
  • Royalty Statements
  • Manuscripts

And much more.  AuthorPortal.com saves you time through electronic statement distribution, while enhancing your author relationships.

Sales Aggregator

A couple of years ago, many of our customers became inundated with digital sales files.  Some publishers receive as many as 50 sales files EVERY MONTH!  That kind of data management takes days of effort each month, and is prone to error.  And without an automated solution, provides limited insights.

To address this need we created the Sales Aggregator.  This tool learns the file layout of each of your partners reports, enabling quick and easy consolidation of sales data.  Simply upload each file, and you have a powerful sales database, and a central repository for all the sales files every sent to you (we store copies of the original files you upload).

The MetaVerse

The MetaVerse is the future of publishing technology.  AuthorPortal.com is the first step.  We have some additional amazing new apps for publishers coming soon!  Stay tuned.

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