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Don't Let Royalties Slow You Down

Make them work FOR you

Royalties can be a drag on your business. Valuable resources spend precious time putting statements together, when their value to the business is greatest in acquiring and selling books.

See How MetaComet Can Help Your Royalty Management

Better Utilize Key Resources

Often times, royalties become the responsibility of editors or licensing managers. These are the same resources that help drive the growth of your business. Royalty Tracker lets them focus on their core revenue generating functions by:

  • Automating key processes
  • Providing easy access to reports and key data
  • Electronically storing and communicating key documents

Enhance Author Relations

You invest a lot of time in your authors, and you want to keep them happy. With MetaComet, the royalty management process can actually become an asset, as you use it to strengthen your relationships:

  • Clear, accurate, timely royalty statements
  • Online author access to statements and contracts (optional)
  • Research tools quick answer author inquiries


While royalties may be complex, they are driven by rules and data, and can therefore be automated. Automation brings several advantages:

  • Reduction in errors
  • Reduction in stress and distractions
  • More productive use of internal resources
  • Reliable access to your data (reports)

Flip the Equation

We will help you flip that equation. Not only will royalties become highly automated, but they can be a competitive advantage.  Professional, trustworthy statements help enhance author relationships. strengthens them even by providing powerful online collaboration tools and statement access, helping you compete for the best talent.