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Improving Author Relations: The Benefits of AuthorPortal.com


AuthorPortal.com, a product of MetaComet Systems, was created to help publishers and authors collaborate to generate more revenue and recognition for their work. Thanks to AuthorPortal.com, the quality relationships that you pride yourself on are combined with the most cutting edge author portal available. Beyond improving your relationships, you will also save time and money while enhancing your brand.

Help Your Authors Help You Sell More Books

AuthorPortal.com is more than just a central repository for royalty statements and contracts; it also has helpful promotional tools and author questionnaires.

The questionnaire allows you to ask questions of your author for promotional purposes or otherwise. For example, you may want to ask your author for a “Short Bio” or about industry affiliations, or to provide a synopsis of their products. When logged in, an Author may go to their profile page to fill out the questionnaire. It will consist of whatever questions you have set up in the questionnaire section. You will then have access to their responses at all times by simply logging into AuthorPortal.com, selecting the author in the Users section of the Dashboard, and clicking the “Show Questionnaire” button. You can also have both “author level” questions, and “title level” questions.  This enables your authors to provide generic answers about themselves, and specific answers about each book that you have acquired.

Author Questionnaire

AuthorPortal.com’s Promotional Tools section contains content created by Licensees for their Licensors. For example, Publishers may wish to create content, such as videos, to demonstrate to their authors best practices for promoting their books. They can create this content through their account, and make it available to their authors through the Promotional Tools section of the site.

Promotional Tools

Improve Author Relations through Enhanced Collaboration

AuthorPortal.com grants authors easy access to their royalty statements and centralizes their contracts, manuscripts, and other important documents in one easy-to-navigate interface. There is no need to worry about losing your work, misplacing contracts, or safely transmitting files. Author Portal stores all this information safely in the cloud and performs regular back-ups and security updates — giving authors and their publishers peace of mind that their documents are safe.

Author Portal Contract Management

Save Time, Save Money, Improve Efficiency

Between the cost of postage, paper and ink, and the time it takes to print statements and match them to checks, mailing statements can easily incur $1 – $2 per author per royalty period.

By delivering your documents electronically, you eliminate that expense and save valuable human resources.

You also eliminate the inefficiencies of document management. Now all your key documents can be stored in a searchable repository, including contracts, manuscripts, artwork, etc.

Author Portal Dashboard


Enhance Author Relationships
Your relationships revolve around the communication and service you provide to your authors. You can now leverage your own personal touch using the most cutting edge digital tools available.

Your authors will appreciate the convenience and accessibility of AuthorPortal.com. By providing them a convenient location to store all their important documents, as well as digital access to royalty statements, you show them their importance to you and your business.

Online Royalty Statements with AuthorPortal.com

Added Bonus:  Sales Aggregation

By signing up for MetaComet’s AuthorPortal.com, you also automatically have access to a powerful Sales Aggregation tool. In last month’s newsletter we reviewed this time consuming aspect of the Royalty Management Lifecycle: processing sales reports. To review how MetaComet can facilitate this aspect of royalty management see this post about using the Sales Aggregator.

Sales Aggregator

If you would like more information about our AuthorPortal.com or Sales Aggregator please call Zack Lapponese at 413-536-5989 x101 or email [email protected].

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