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Franchise Royalty Management Solutions

Improve your franchise royalty management with MetaComet®

Struggling to manage your franchise royalties, or concerned about their accuracy? MetaComet®’s royalty solutions can help streamline your processes, reduce your risk of error, and save you valuable time.

We provide best-in-class royalty software that delivers effortless calculation and payment solutions to clients around the world. It helps franchisors and franchisees alike stay right on top of fees that are owed, whatever reporting cycle you work to. Whether you are exploring a franchise royalty solution for the first time or want to take your established operations to the next level, we have the tools to help.

Here are just five big ways your business benefits:

  • Reduce Effort by Up to 90% – Our research shows that our automation of calculations and payments can reduce your time spent on royalties by up to 90%!
  • Cut Errors – Minimise the risk of miscalculation in your royalty fees.
  • Preserve Partnerships – We’ll help ensure that payments are right every time, keeping both franchisor and franchisee satisfied.
  • Optimize Sales – Our sales aggregator simplifies the organization and consolidation of multiple sales files in multiple formats while tracking rights income as well.
  • Achieve Growth – Royalties should propel you forward, not hold you back. Automation with Royalty Tracker® enables you to focus on growth.

See How MetaComet Can Help Your Royalty Management

Hosted on a robust and secure platform, MetaComet®’s royalty payment software is backed up with easy implementation and best-in-class support. We’ve made royalty accounting simpler and better for numerous businesses—and we’d love to help yours next.

Like to know more about how we can meet your needs? Contact us anytime for a free and customized demo, a quote, and testimonials from our satisfied customers.

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