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Why Use Royalty Tracker’s New Royalty Statement Emailing Feature?

Today’s digital world expects all correspondence to be online. Finance departments are rightfully experiencing a disconnect between industry status quo –  mailing paper statements twice a year – and contemporary expectations. Some companies are clinging to paper; others may try to awkwardly attach statement PDFs to ordinary emails.

To solve this problem, MetaComet recently added a royalty statement email capability to the Royalty Tracker System. Royalty statements can now be emailed directly from the MetaComet royalty software platform. Our first adopters are offering up rave reviews about the savings in postage, printing, and labor costs.

A large number of royalty statements do not result in payment, making email a perfect channel. Those few accounts that need checks attached can be done via the USPS or by electronic funds transfer (EFT). Our early adopters also appreciate that the new email feature allows for direct digital communications with licensors, authors, and artists. The feature is built into Royalty Tracker; to set it up, just add a royalty recipient’s email address to the system. Contact us to add this functionality to your subscription.

A partial rollout of statement emailing will occur over the next few months. Look for the general rollout during the first week of July. If you are interested in joining this early beta group, please let us know.

As always, MetaComet offers industry-leading customer assistance to smooth the way as you are getting started with this new emailing feature.

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