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Why Trust Matters in Publishing

Publishers and licensors alike need to be able to rely on their partners and systems – including royalty management.

Publishing industries are built on people. Whether in print, digital video, audio, game or other formats, content requires human interaction at numerous different stages of its development and sale – and that makes trust very important to the publishing process. Publishers need to know they can depend on their media partners at every point. They rely on creators and licensors to provide content to the highest possible standards, and on retailers for paying royalties, efficient sales, and promotion. They need a similar level of reliance and trust when they outsource work to international third parties, or employ new business suppliers for the first time.

This reliance on trust is what makes face-to-face networking and events so valuable for publishers. We like to get to know the people behind the services and products we use, because it gives us the confidence that they will work. We seek advice and recommendations from people because we trust their judgments.

Trust is a very important factor for authors and other content creators too. When they sign a contract, they need to know that their publisher will act professionally and maximize the quality and revenue of their work. They also want to be fairly rewarded – which means they need to trust their publisher to professionally manage paying royalties they are owed.

Revenue Sharing

If a business revenue sharing system works efficiently, creators can trust the publishing company to pay them accurately and on time. Many will depend on royalties for a large portion of their revenue stream, so they need to rely on the veracity of their statements and payments. If they can, they will feel that they are aligned with a reliable and honest business who is working hard on their behalf. That should better motivate them to produce great content, meet deadlines, sign future contracts, and endorse a publisher.

But if publishers and authors can’t rely on their royalty management systems, trust is soon eroded. Poorly prepared royalty statements, overdue payments and underreported sales can all lead to a publisher incurring reputational damage. Paying royalties needs to be a seamless process for both the creator and the publisher. This makes it vital that all publishers have reliable royalty management systems: software that is secure and robust, and that integrates properly with the rest of your publishing business. MetaComet’s Royalty Manager delivers that, while minimizing the risk of error in calculations and ensuring that payments are made on time. It makes your revenue sharing system worthy of trust from your authors and other content creators.

Customer Support

It is also important that publishers have confidence in the people behind the royalty management systems. The MetaComet team have a deep understanding of the specific needs of publishers and are ready to provide support not just during the installation stage but at all points beyond. By using our solutions, you can build a publishing business that everyone can properly trust. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of our solutions, or schedule a free demo.

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