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What’s New in Royalty Tracker?

It’s been a busy few months of product development at MetaComet. We’ve introduced dozens of new features from new and updated reports to additional contract complexities. Below are three of our favorites in Royalty Tracker:

1. Help widget
Our new integrated help widget provides support when you need it. In the bottom right corner of Royalty Tracker, you will notice a new help icon. Opening the widget enables you to access our library (small but growing!) of online help documentation, as well as directly submit a help ticket.

2. Kits
Many of you sell bundles or “kits” of products. We have substantially enhanced our kits functionality enabling unlimited nesting of kits and automatic allocation of revenues. Kits are now visible on sales reports and are archived to keep historical records of changes.

3. SOC 2 Type 2 Security Certification
As you may have seen in the industry press and from our newsletter, we are proud to have achieved Soc 2 Type 2 certification.

This rigorous security compliance enables you to rest easy knowing that we are following all the most important best practices when it comes to security.

Very few companies achieve this level of certification, as it requires intensive resources to maintain this investment. To our knowledge we are the only dedicated royalty platform to be certified by independent auditors that we are meeting these rigorous standards.

… And More To Come This Year
We have dozens more new features coming in 2023. Too many to pick favorites! Thank you for all of your feedback, which directly drives this list. Here are some of the most requested:

1. Agreement splits
Many agreements with multiple recipients specify a total royalty (e.g. 10% of sales), and then outline how that royalty gets “split” between all the parties. While there is currently a straightforward workaround, this is a feature from our Royalty Tracker Classic that we’ve been eager to migrate to the new Royalty Tracker Platform.

2. Date-based royalties
Date-based royalties allow for varying royalty rates based on transaction dates. Once live, these terms will work in conjunction with existing royalty term parameters, creating flexible and customizable royalty rules.

3. Direct API transfers
Look out for the option to supply importable files through our application programming interfaces (APIs)—allowing for more direct integration and easier file sharing between applications.

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