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Unlock the Value of Your Data: The Royalty Tracker Data Warehouse

Performance KeyboardUsers of the Royalty Tracker platform recognize the importance of an integrated rights and contract management system that makes royalty accounting and reporting quick and simple. There is real, actionable business value in managing your business based on this data.  But how to get at it the way you need it?

Enter Data Warehouse.

Data Warehouse offers Royalty Tracker customers a complete, organized snapshot of their sales, royalty and contract related data. Created using standardized data modeling and formats, it is compatible with most data reporting and data warehouse tools and straightforward to understand.

“Data Warehouse gives users easy access to data, allows them to see how products, such as books or albums, are performing, and even creates mailing lists,” says Khalid Elkalai, Vice President at MetaComet Systems. “It really is a phenomenal add-on for anyone using the Royalty Tracker suite of tools, regardless of their industry.”

The easy-to-use database keeps tabs on everything in the Royalty Tracker system, and allows for quick and easy access to vital information, such as contracts, statements, and royalties.

Data Warehouse is ideal for analyzing contract or financial data quickly and efficiently. Create easy to read Excel and CSV files of your accruals, expenses, checks, revenues, payments, and more. You can also seamlessly export information to a variety of other reporting tools, eliminating the risk of errors and saving you time.

Whether you’re using Royalty Tracker to coordinate royalties on songs, keep tabs on book deals, simplify solar energy payments, or manage royalty obligations on licensed intellectual property, Data Warehouse is the perfect solution for anyone who needs to quickly access their information and the ability to distill it into a usable format.

To learn more about how Data Warehouse can streamline your information, click here or call 413-536-5989 ext. 2.

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