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The Key to Future Profits: MetaComet Systems President to Speak at Making Information Pay

From BISG:


In today’s ever changing business climate, publishers are being forced to respond more quickly and more efficiently in all aspects of their business. An area of increasing importance is rights management.

While book sales are becoming more and more elusive, rights are becoming an increasing piece of the revenue mix as opportunities to sell licenses of content fragments for websites, apps and derived books continue to rise. Unfortunately, many publishers are struggling to respond to these growing number of requests due to inefficient systems and processes that are costly in time and money. Now more than ever, publishers will need to find ways to extract the maximum revenue from their intellectual property with minimum effort.

Learn more at this year’s Making Information Pay conference as our rights experts discuss the need for efficient rights management tools and processes across the industry. The presentation will include:

  • Revealing results from BISG’s New Rights Management Survey of Publishers and Vendors
  • An examination of the risks of poor rights management and the importance of proper taxonomy
  • A summary of next steps toward an industry-wide solution

Our rights panel will feature the following speakers:


Heather Reid
Director of Data Systems and Services
Copyright Clearance Center (CCC)

Rights and Royalty Management Expert David Marlin

David Marlin
President and Co-Founder,
MetaComet Systems and
Co-Chair of BISG Rights Committee

Mike Shatzkin
Founder & CEO,
Idea Logical Company


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