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Royalty Tracker: A Look Back at Our Recent Royalty Management Enhancements

2011 was a great year for the world of royalty and rights management!  MetaComet Systems added dozens of new features to its Royalty Tracker platform, making the world’s most powerful rights and royalty software even better (and see below for a sneak peak of what’s coming in 2012).

Here is a list of the most popular enhancements:

  • Subsidiary Rights Management
    • Generate dunning letters for late payments
    • Generate Word or PDF versions of subright agreements
    • Ability to import subrights and automatically match them to corresponding subright agreements
    • Ability to automatically generate subright agreements for subright receipts missing agreements
    • Added language pick list
    • Ability to set default languages on agreements
    • Ability to set default country on agreements
  • Royalty Statements
    • Ability to export statements to Excel
    • Enabled saving statements as PDFs
    • Added several new statement layouts
    • Enabled logo inclusion on several statement layouts
    • Added statement cover pages
    • Added new file naming options when generating PDF or Word statements
  • System Integration
    • Enhancements to kit explosions
    • Enhancements to data migration tools
    • Add sales pre-processor to enable miscellaneous enhancements to sales files prior to import into Royalty Tracker
      • Validate discounts
      • Enhance data
      • Etc.
    • Option to validate discount rates when importing sales
    • Enabled payment vouchers to have flexible layouts
    • Added ability to reverse imported sales and all corresponding royalty calculations
  • User Interface
    • Reorganized menus
  • Reports
    • Subrights
      • Added “Agreements Missing Countries” report
    • Workflow
      • Enhanced and added new payout workflow reports
      • Sales reconciliation reports now allow filtering by subrights
      • Outstanding receivables report
    • Financial
      • Created new Balances report
      • Created new options for month-end reporting
    • Allow users to save reports in multiple formats:
      • Excel
      • PDF
      • CSV
      • TSV
    • Enhanced “Mailing List Report”

We are not resting on our laurels.  Several exciting new features are coming soon.  We are particularly excited about our new royalty statement emailing capability, expected in our 2012.2 release (April).  This new feature allows you to automatically email royalty statements to royalty recipients directly from Royalty Tracker – save huge on postage, protect the environment, save time, and better service your partners.

Do you have new features that you would like to see added to Royalty Tracker?  Please email us and let us know!

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