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Royalty Tracker: The Six Big Royalty Software Productivity Improvements from 2012

2012 saw incredible enhancements to Royalty Tracker.  These new changes are providing our customers with unparalleled efficiency and cost-savings.

Following is a summary of our 6 favorites.  If you are not yet taking advantage of these, please give us a call so we can help you understand them, or check out Royalty Tracker’s new and improved user guide:

1) Upload files directly to the Royalty Tracker (no more FTP!)
Previously, users had uploaded their sales files and other documents to the Royalty Tracker Website via FTP. While this process got the job done, it took an extra step. Now Royalty Tracker allows users to upload files directly from the Royalty Tracker interface. This new process saves time and energy while greatly simplifying your work. 
6 Royalty Software Updates for 2012
2) Statement Emailing
Between printing, postage, and human labor, a single mailed statement can easily cost a dollar or more. Our new statement emailing feature allows users to eliminate that headache. You can better serve your partners by prompt, convenient electronic delivery—and save money too.

3) Excel-based Royalty Statements
Users of Royalty Tracker now have the option of generating statements as Microsoft Excel files, as is often required by licensors. The ability to easily create these perfectly-formatted statements saves hours of time while providing more simple integration between systems.

4) Document Management
This new feature allows users of Royalty Tracker to keep all the documents related to a contract in a single repository.  Now you can easily find contracts, amendments, and other related documents all in Royalty Tracker. Like the other changes mentioned here, this will be a significant timesaver.  Plus, you know that your key documents are safe and backed up nightly (yes, we automatically back up your data for you every day!).

5) Nested Kits
Kits—product groups with components that belong to multiple contracts—can now contain other kits. In other words, kits can be nested inside other kits. We have also greatly improved the kit/component interface. So, now it’s possible to create new products from any combination of royalty-bearing content—and ensure accurate, easy payment to all parties.

6) Updated User Guide
Looking over all these improvements made us realize this would be a good time to update our User Guide. The new version has been added to our release process. From now on, information about enhancements to Royalty Tracker will be added to the User Guide before the software is released. Many of our customers are finding the new User Guide to be a valuable resource—and it is easily available through the help menu.

In addition to the above, we have also added or enhanced several reports, and added many other new features.

And we are not resting on our laurels!  We are deep into development of our newest version, 2013.1.  We are also about to release an amazing new tool to help you improve your relationships with your partners – more on that next time.

Please reach out to our support team with any questions you might have.  If you have used Royalty Tracker with the new changes, please let us know what you think!

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