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The Royalty Tracker™ Solution’s Systems Integration Capabilities Enhanced with Automated Exception Handling

MetaComet™ Systems today released the next phase of The Royalty Tracker™ Solution’s integration features – automated exception handling.

When interacting with other systems in an enterprise, data does not always make “sense”. As an example, when the sales fulfillment system communicates a sale, how should a royalty system handle that sale if no contract information for the corresponding title exists?

With the new enhancements, The Royalty Tracker™ System’s software now stores that information and creates detailed exception reports, indicating to users exactly what information could not be handled and why. Users can then resolve the issue, and forget about it. The Royalty Tracker™ System will automatically recognize that the issue has been resolved (i.e. a contract has been entered), and handle the data.

“Our goal has always been to make The Royalty Tracker™ Solution’s integration within the enterprise to be totally seamless,” says MetaComet™ President David Marlin. “We had already accomplished that to a large degree with our powerful metadata based integration technologies. Now we have taken it to the next level by allowing the user to address issues, and not worry about whether issues with data from other systems has been resolved – it happens automatically.”

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