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Royalty rates for streamed music in Canada may change soon

Critics claim that Canada lags when it comes to digital music and royalties. One argument: the country is in a transitionary period in which regulatory structures and copyright law have yet to catch up with the reality of digital music. Making matters worse is that the Pandora’s Box of Napster and other forms of free downloads that have initiated a cultural sea change in how people relate to media and the idea of paying for it. Also not helping matters is that services who do wish to enter Canada must enter into a tangled web of agreements with not only labels, but artist collectives, too.

At the same time, Victoria Shepard of the Audio-Video Licensing Agency, the body that enables digital licensing in Canada, stated that Canada will soon catch up with Bill C-11, which she argued will bring Canada up to international standards when it comes to copyright law. It should be noted, however, that there is pronounced disagreement over whether forthcoming changes in Bill C-11 will foster new growth, or if it will help entrench the presence of existing industries and companies.

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