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Royalty Management Software: Intelligent Systems Integration

Dedicated royalty management solutions are now accepted as a fact of business by successful players in the publishing industry. The book business is too complex, the economic climate is too uncertain, and regulatory requirements are too strict, to not have a software system in place to manage royalty processing. The specific benefits of royalty software – and there are many – are important. But how useful are any of those benefits, if implementing the necessary framework upsets your workflow? Shutting down for a complete overhaul would give you all the time in the world to incorporate improvements. Most of us, however, don’t have that luxury – needed improvements have to be identified, and put to work, on the fly. Here’s a brief look at how we’ve taken the best royalty management solution, and given it the rapid implementation ability that a competitive business needs.

In 1999, when MetaComet Systems began creating and providing complete software-based royalty and rights solutions to the publishing industry, we were among the few providers of custom-built royalty management solutions. Big publishers spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, hiring programmers to build in-house systems for royalty management, and everyone else made do with spreadsheets.

As time went on – and particularly in recent years – two things happened simultaneously: first, the publishing industry became far more complex, and second, cutting edge information technology became far more accessible. Changes in publishing meant that publishers immediately needed to get more efficient, more agile, and more competitive in royalty management, and changes in technology meant that there was a steadily increasing number of people who provided software aimed at meeting the emerging needs of publishers.

In any emerging software sector, there are a wide variety of offerings and few “agreed-upon” standards; some royalty management software is powerful and bulky, while some is unobtrusive but inadequate. Some royalty software is user-friendly but feature-limited, while some has too many features for anyone but the developer who created it to use. And over-arching most of the offerings is that they either cannot integrate with existing systems (accounting, sales, etc.), or that integrating requires a costly overhaul.

Working with a wide variety of publishers, of varying sizes and needs, has taught us how to to balance full features with the need for ease-of-use. For example, some of our clients have hundreds of thousands of products in dozens of markets, with extremely complex rights and licensing agreements spanning many verticals, while others deal with a hundred products strictly in the print market. Obviously there are differences in the solutions we provide each type of client, but the experience of putting Royalty Tracker to work against a range of challenges, has honed our ability to integrate it into any business, with minimal disruption.

In 2007, to augment our industry-leading agility in implementation, Metacomet developed its suite of revolutionary MetaGoLive™ tools, which enables publishers, digital content providers and all royalty payers to go live with the Royalty Tracker™ solution with even greater ease and speed.

“We had already been getting companies live in record times. These tools enable us to improve on this MetaComet advantage,” said David Marlin, MetaComet’s President, of the MetaGoLive™ platform. The result is that MetaComet can promise mid-size businesses the ability to have the industry’s best royalty management system running live in as little as 4 weeks, at 100% capability.

“Implementing royalty solutions has always been a challenge for all royalty providers,” Marlin said. “It shouldn’t be. Customer feedback told us that we already offered the best implementation process in the industry. But the key for us is to always improve on items that customers consider most important.”

The result of our experience and work is the most streamlined integration process in the industry; MetaComet’s royalty management solutions are so easy to use that companies can often implement the solution themselves, without the help of MetaComet’s implementation team. (Of course, we are always available for supplemental support, if needed).

If you’ve identified the need for royalty management that is more accurate, more efficient, and in the long run, cheaper – but aren’t ready to turn your entire business upside-down to get it – give us a call. We have a track record of success in working with companies who don’t have the option of simply putting everything on hold to integrate a better royalty management system. The goal is to save time, and get more efficient, and that is the driving motivation behind every step we take. Call us at (413) 536-5989 x2, or click here to learn more.

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