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Royalty Management is Made Easier with a New Royalty Tracker System Update from MetaComet® Systems

April 12, 2012 — Each year, companies that deal with royalty management spend millions of dollars printing and distributing payee statements to authors, artists, content owners and other licensors.

With each royalty payout, these companies have a lot at stake: relationships with their payees, the potential for overpayments or underpayments, and the uncertainty and risks of errors.

For years, businesses have been turning to MetaComet® Systems for help staying organized, efficient and on the leading edge of royalty management. The company’s Royalty Tracker® system provides businesses with the most complete rights and royalties management toolkit available anywhere.

And now royalty-based businesses can take advantage of a host of new royalty management benefits with the release of the latest Royalty Tracker version 2012.2, scheduled for release on April 16, 2012. The new version of the royalty accounting software from MetaComet Systems will help improve companies’ efficiency, as well as their relationships with licensors by providing a higher level of accuracy and organization, while mitigating the associated risks.

MetaComet Systems developed the new Royalty Tracker version 2012.2 as part of their continuing commitment to stay on the leading of edge of royalty management.

“To ensure that our customers can take advantage of the latest developments and capitalize on the new opportunities of the digital age, MetaComet remains deeply committed to being at the forefront of change in our industry,” says Khalid Elkalai, MetaComet’s VP of Operations.

The new version of the royalty management software allows companies to email statements to licensors, including artists, content owners and authors, directly from Royalty Tracker. This provides a number of benefits, including giving businesses the ability to save time and money on labor, avoid attaching Word docs or PDFs to emails, and easily identify which emails were successful and correct any issues. These added benefits also help companies improve their author relationships by delivering reports electronically.

Additionally, the new enhanced system enables end users to more easily manage and configure the contents of kits, or combinations of products (an album of songs, for example), rather than being forced to rely on expensive technical resources. This not only offers immediate results, but also allows businesses to process royalties quicker.

Some of the most respected names in the business have already turned to MetaComet Systems for royalty management solutions, including Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Taylor & Francis, Pearson and more.

For more information about the new Royalty Tracker version 2012.2, please visit https://metacomet.com

About MetaComet® Systems:

For years, MetaComet® Systems has worked closely with businesses who handle royalty management, helping them improve both efficiency and accuracy. The company’s Royalty Tracker® System has quickly become the industry standard in helping licensors of a wide range of intellectual or physical properties stay abreast of their royalty payment needs. Since its development, MetaComet has strived to continually provide high-quality updates to the Royalty Tracker System, so that its many customers will always have access to the best and most convenient ways of processing and managing royalties and rights.

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