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MetaComet Systems Launches MetaGoLive™; Saving Customers Time, Money

SOUTH HADLEY, MA – MetaComet Systems today announced the launch of its revolutionary MetaGoLive™ tools, which enables publishers, digital content providers and all royalty payers to go live with the Royalty Tracker™ solution with unmatched speed and accuracy.

“We had already been getting companies live in record times. These tools enable us to improve on this MetaComet advantage,” said David Marlin, MetaComet’s President. Already the industry leader in implementing royalty solutions, MetaComet can promise midsize businesses the ability to go live in as little as 4 weeks, with the highest level of quality.

“Implementing royalty solutions has always been a challenge for all royalty providers,” Marlin said. “It shouldn’t be.

The new tools and processes are so easy to use, that companies can implement the solution themselves, without the help of MetaComet’s implementation team. However, MetaComet still offers supplemental support if desired.

“Customer feedback told us that we already offered the best implementation process in the industry. But the key for us is to always improve on items that customers consider most important,” Marlin said.

About MetaComet® Systems

MetaComet – home to the internationally acclaimed Royalty Tracker® — provides the world’s leading Royalty Software solutions for tracking royalties and rights, royalties processing and Royalty Management. MetaComet’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution can be tailored to meet each customer’s need. Founded in 2001 with a focus on book publishing, MetaComet now provides solutions to content providers in books, music and digital content. For more information, call 413-536-5989, ext 210, or visit us on the Web at www.MetaComet.com.

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