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MetaComet™ Systems today released their Royalty Income Model workflow analysis. This new model provides a systematic means for analyzing the royalty management workflow and identifying significant opportunities for improving both profitability and cash flow.

The model parses the workflow into two high-level nodes: Royalty Payments and Administration. Each of these in turn looks at the stages of royalty management and evaluates the opportunities which exist to cut costs and improve cash flow.

According to MetaComet™ Systems President David Marlin, “Because royalties are typically considered a required cost center, not much energy has traditionally been invested in optimizing this aspect of the business. After our analysis, we have found exciting opportunities to help our customers cut costs in a meaningful way, directly improving net income. We have also identified previously overlooked opportunities to manage cash flow. Our customers will be able to hold considerable sums of cash for months longer than previously possible.”

The model is scheduled for publication in the August issue of Publishing Research Quarterly.

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